Knova Social Communities

Harness the knowledge in forums.

Knova Social Communities

In today’s highly-connected society, forums are emerging as the first step towards gaining insight and solving problems. However, forums remain a disconnected silo from the enterprise’s information and communication channels.

Aptean has elevated the value of forums by incorporating them into the overall enterprise customer experience. Deeply integrated into the complete suite of applications, Knova Communities delivers increased brand loyalty, reduced support calls and improved knowledge. It's a Resolutionary™ way to get answers.


Some of your best and most reliable subject matter experts aren’t located within your contact center or even within your company—they are your customers who spend day in and day out using the product.

In complex support environments, expert users are highly technical and often capable of solving problems for themselves as well as other users. Why not leverage their knowledge as a valuable part of your knowledge base? Your users are domain experts who bring unique qualities and knowledge about your product that can make for better support content


Knova Communities seamlessly integrates with other support channels, providing one view into all of a company’s collective knowledge. Sometimes customers call support looking for answers. If provided the opportunity however, many will opt to find answers themselves via user forums OR self-service. Most forums today are highly stand-alone, but by integrating forums content with the service resolution process, Knova offers a unique opportunity to add third party expertise and knowledge to the self-service experience.

Forums are integrated to the suite at the level of content, reputation, business process and customer experience. The insights, posts and responses from the user community can be leveraged as answers for customers on the self-service site. The same reputation engine that tracks and identifies the best users pushes the best content from the forums for resolution. Questions from users that are asked on the self-service site can be escalated to experts in the forums as well as escalated to the contact center and managed through business processes.


Forums are a powerful marketing tool to provide early insights into trends such as changing opinions and attitudes. This allows a company to gain a deeper understanding of how customers perceive the enterprise and its products.Knova Analytics provides a view into emerging issues and questions as well as unmet needs to drive product improvements.


Embedding forums within a website allows companies to offer a rich and dynamic customer experience. As part of the Knova Knowledge Management solution, Knova Communities tightly integrate with Knova Self-Service andKnova Knowledge Central for a customer experience that can be optimized around users, search, business process and overall site experience and management.

Customer Service & Support Design Enables Peer Support While Fostering a Sense of Community
  • Users work with questions, answers and expert insights, not ad-hoc message threads
  • Diagnostic search guides users to the most relevant existing insights and answers
  • Proactive updates keep users informed about specific questions, experts or product areas

Reputation Model

  • Identifies experts with highest value
  • Feedback guides users to highest-rated content
  • Public ranking, recognition and profiles drive volunteer performance

Extensive Community-Building, Moderator & Marketing Features

  • Intuitive moderator tools let enterprises engage with their customers
  • Advanced profanity and topical filtering fosters a community environment
  • Cross-sell and up-sell features deliver contextually appropriate marketing, if desired

Tight Integration With Support Workflow

  • Business rules guide customers to the most appropriate service channels
  • Escalation is based on entitlements
  • Auto-suggest provides relevant support content before a question is posted


  • Analytics help support professionals understand customer trends and product issues
  • Feedback mechanisms increase search relevance

Content Repurposing & Reuse Functionality

  • Self-service functionality flexibly integrates expert insights and answers with structured and unstructured support content
  • Solution authoring workflow makes it easy to repurpose the most valuable forums contributions to the knowledge base