Made2Manage CRM

Forging better customer relations.

Made2Manage CRM

As a manufacturer, your contacts with customers aren’t just one-time events that take place when a sale is made. Rather, the interactions between manufacturers and their customers are more extensive, occurring throughout the lifecycle of an engagement - from order to cash and beyond. It’s a different type of relationship that requires a special type of customer relationship management (CRM) solution.

Made2Manage CRM is a solution designed to address the unique requirements of small- and medium-sized engineer-to-order, make-to-order, make-to-stock, assemble-to-order, and mixed-mode manufacturers. Because the solution is an integral part of the Made2Manage enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, your customer contact capabilities are woven into your order-to-cash business flow. For example, Made2Manage CRM and Made2Manage ERP operate on a common Microsoft® technology platform for simple, fast navigation across the applications. Made2Manage CRM and Made2Manage ERP also have common process flows and screens, help functions, security features, and reporting processes. It’s possible to access the CRM solution from anywhere within Made2Manage ERP.

Made2Manage CRM is designed specifically to help manufacturers manage their accounts, close more deals, forecast the sales pipeline, and provide quality service after the sale. When you choose Made2Manage CRM, you get access to functionality designed to produce a specific process improvement and business benefit.

To facilitate the growth of your business, the solution combines advanced manufacturing-focused CRM capabilities with features designed to make the solution easy-to-use. Made2Manage CRM features To-Do List functionality integrated with Microsoft Outlook to provide an easy way to track activity for all staff who work with customers. Managers and customer-focused employees can assign activities with due dates, track completions, and view the complete history - including attached e-mail messages, drawings, photographs, and video - to provide a comprehensive customer view, streamline service activities, and lower expenses. The Microsoft Outlook integration enables sales, service and management staff to update information by notebook computer or smart phone. In addition, the solution supports growth by providing controlled, secure access to dealers and distributors.

Sales & Engineering

  • PRODUCT CONFIGURATOR – The Product Configurator is a user-friendly tool for building products or part structures in the quote or sales-order process. To speed the configuration process and improve accuracy, Product Configurator displays only information that is necessary to complete a specific step in the configuration process and ensures that only deliverable products can be configured. Customers and sales reps who are traveling can access the solution via the web. Product Configurator integrates with core enterprise processes, such as inventory management and costing, to help you minimize costs.
  • CONTACT MANAGEMENT – Made2Manage CRM Contact Management provides time-saving access to accurate customer information for everyone in your organization to improve your customer contact process, implement better marketing campaigns, and ensure the right person addresses a customer issue.
  • ESTIMATING & QUOTING – Made2Manage CRM Estimating and Quoting capabilities lower the costs and enhance the quality of the customer-selection process by improving order accuracy, reducing processing time, and integrating with your company’s inventory, costing, and capable-to-promise processes. The solution links estimating and quoting processes to bills of materials, routings, product configuration, and pricing worksheets.
  • OPPORTUNITY MANAGEMENT – Made2Manage CRM gives you full visibility into your sales opportunities so you accurately forecast the sales pipeline and manage prospects. Sales reps have the flexibility to manage contacts, accounts, and tasks in Microsoft® Outlook while on the road and then synchronize updated information with the CRM solution when they return to the office or connect to the solution online.
  • ORDER MANAGEMENT – Made2Manage CRM streamlines and automates the sales order and fulfillment processes to improve order accuracy, reduce response times, and lower costs.
  • CAPABLE-TO-PROMISE – The capable-to-promise functionality provides real-time visibility to inventory and production for configured or standard products. Users can provide prospective customers with realistic delivery dates in real time to help improve the sales-close rate, pricing and margins, and delivery performance.
  • CREDIT MANAGEMENT – Made2Manage CRM makes it possible to see sales and payment activity for individual customers so you can streamline credit management, repayment management, and improve cash flow.
  • CUSTOMER MANAGEMENT – The Made2Manage CRM solution provides employees responsible for customer management tasks with easy, single-screen access to comprehensive information about individual customers, such as locations, types of operations, and accounts receivable. Starting with the first interaction as a prospect, Made2Manage Customer Management maintains an accurate history of interaction with individual customers, which saves time and improves the way you communicate with and serve customers.


  • PRODUCTION VISIBILITY – Made2Manage CRM provides real-time visibility into production, purchasing status, and exceptions so employees can respond promptly and accurately to customers who inquire about the status of their order. The solution helps you keep orders on schedule, and efficiently manage changes in design and delivery date.
  • SHIPPING – The solution provides online carrier management capabilities so each customer’s specific shipping requirements can be met once production has been completed.


  • RMA: RETURN MATERIALS AUTHORIZATION – Made2Manage CRM provides a flexible and efficient way to manage returns of equipment or parts for service. The solution captures all relevant details and provides flexibility in handling multiple return scenarios so you improve customer service and lower costs. 
  • PARTS SERVICE – Made2Manage CRM makes it possible to integrate the production of standard and custom parts for service requirements into core manufacturing processes. By eliminating the need for special production processes for service parts, manufacturing processes are streamlined and costs can be reduced.
  • SERVICE ORDERS – Made2Manage CRM provides capabilities to more efficiently schedule service calls for preventative maintenance, create field repair kits, and perform other tasks that improve service levels and reduce costs. The solution provides user access to a single screen with complete customer information from quotes to accounts receivable, streamlining customer service processes and lowering costs.
  • FIELD SERVICE – The Field Service module provides tools to install, repair, and service equipment off site through service contracts and warranties. By making it easy to track customer equipment histories and capture all expenses associated with a call, the solution can improve customer service levels, contribute to product-improvement initiatives, and reduce costs.