Pivotal CRM Marketing Automation

Solutions help you generate more, higher-quality sales leads and deliver tangible ROI

Pivotal CRM Marketing Automation

Having a decisive competitive advantage in your market begins with smart marketing. You need to measure the impact of every marketing campaign on the sales pipeline—turning the art of lead generation into a science that can be optimized for maximum business impact. We offer you two solutions: Pivotal CRM eMarketing and Pivotal CRM Marketing Automation. 

Pivotal eMarketing enables you to harness the data inside your Pivotal CRM database to conduct segmented, personalized electronic communications quickly and cost-effectively. This easy-to-use tool features an easy-to-follow, step-by-step campaign designer, enabling you to quickly design and schedule campaigns, as well as track their success. 

If you have more advanced needs, Pivotal CRM Marketing Automation is a highly efficient marketing automation and lead management solution that enables you to conduct even the most complex multi-channel campaigns. Foster relationships with the right prospects over time, ultimately cultivating easier sales and satisfied customers. 

  • CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT – Generate demand and manage campaigns over multiple channels while constantly assessing your progress. 
  • LEAD MANAGEMENT – Immediately get closer to your sales organization with streamlined lead capture, scoring and assignment. 
  • CONTACT MANAGEMENT – Understand your audience with powerful segmentation, profiling and integration with the sales force automation system.
  • MEASUREMENT – Take lead generation from an art to a science with resource management, reporting tools and intuitive dashboards