Pivotal CRM Partner Automation

Tools to manage your extended sales, marketing and service teams.

IPivotal CRM Partner Automation

Partnerships are becoming increasingly important to today's businesses, as they strive to extend their geographical reach, product ranges and capabilities to offer their customers the best available solutions. 

Our partner management solutions create a collaborative inter-company framework to exchange knowledge, manage relationships, and synchronize transactions across marketing, sales, and service. It gives your partners the tools and information they need to succeed, while giving your company better visibility into their performance. 

  • LEAD MANAGEMENT – Leverage your partners as an extension of your sales team and assign leads based on partner skill sets. 
  • FORECASTING – Gain visibility into partner revenue opportunities and report on your total forecast. 
  • SALES TRACKING – Track partner deals as they move through the sales cycle, detecting and heading off potential partner conflicts. 
  • ORDER MANAGEMENT – Streamline the process of entering and tracking partner orders via a web-based self-service portal. 
  • LIBRARY PUBLISHING – Create a custom partner portal complete with self-service literature fulfillment capabilities.