Pivotal CRM Platform

Your business processes give you an edge

Pivotal CRM Platform

Keeping pace with today's accelerated business environment demands agile business configurations and technologies. You must respond swiftly to changes in market conditions, competitive situations, and business process, to seize every opportunity that arises. Technology should be a facilitator in this process, not a roadblock. 

On the flip side, most businesses have evolved over time and refined their own unique processes. These processes are hard-won competitive differentiators. Technology should enhance and mirror these processes, not change them. 

Flexibility is the cornerstone of Pivotal CRM. The Pivotal CRM platform and the applications built upon it are highly flexible, enabling our customers to mold the software to fit how they do business. Extreme architectural flexibility cuts down on the time and cost of customizing Pivotal CRM solutions and allows you to create the internal processes and external customer experiences that fit your strategy and vision. 


  • Low-Cost Flexibility – Pivotal CRM's metadata-driven architecture facilitates change at every level of the suite. You can modify the user interface and business processes and customize the data model. 
  • Industry Applications  – Leveraging Pivotal CRM flexibility and our deep knowledge of the Financial Services, Home Building and Real Estate, Manufacturing, and Healthcare industries, we’ve developed industry-tailored applications that mirror their functional needs. 
  • Microsoft® Office Integration  – Our close, long-standing relationship with Microsoft has enabled us to build CRM solutions that capitalize on the best of Microsoft technology and come seamlessly pre-integrated with the Microsoft Office suite. 
  • Business Intelligence  – Pivotal CRM collects rich information into a single, centralized database, enabling you to achieve greater insight into your customers and business activities. 
  • Rich User Experience  – Pivotal CRM’s flexibility makes it easy and cost effective to create the end-user experience you envision. 
  • Ease of Enterprise Integration  – Pivotal CRM's flexible architecture reduces the cost and complexity of integrating Pivotal CRM with your back-office systems and other important enterprise systems.