Pivotal CRM Service Automation

Deliver more responsive, thoughtful customer service—and have more fun doing it

Pivotal CRM Service Automation

Outstanding service is the foundation of a winning customer experience. Efficient, effective customer service can turn this traditional cost center into a profit center for your organization. 

Our service solution is a complete service automation system that helps you capture, manage, and quickly resolve customer service and support requests, without losing sight of up-selling and cross-selling opportunities. 

Flexible Pivotal CRM technology enables you to rapidly and cost-effectively implement a system that automates even complex, unique service processes. Give your service team the ability to resolve customer inquiries in a personalized, but repeatable manner that accelerates incident resolution and improves customer satisfaction. 

  • SOCIAL CRM – Seamlessly integrate this exciting new channel into your service process. 
  • CALL SCRIPTING – Ensure consistency in your customer interactions with built in script authoring and execution tools. 
  • CUSTOMER PORTAL – Reduce costs while increasing customer satisfaction with the power of a 24X7 online self-service website. 
  • KNOWLEDGEBASE – Increase first-contact resolutions by giving your CSRs a searchable knowledgebase of customer interaction data. 
  • VISUAL WORKFLOW – Speed interactions and decrease training time with an intuitive visual workflow that guides CSRs to a faster, better customer resolution. 
  • DASHBOARDS & REPORTING – Quickly and easily understand trends in team productivity and customer feedback with powerful, built in reporting features.