Trusted as the state-wide solution for 5 states, ReportBeam is an easy to use solution that enables law enforcement officers to complete and submit electronic collision reports.



The ReportBeam software solution provides a turn-key approach to crash reporting. ReportBeam has built-in rules that match your state’s requirements in order to ensure the crash report is filled out correctly. In addition, a workflow system provides an approval process and statistical analysis.


ReportBeam works to create safer communities. Pre-populated data and dropdown lists allow officers to quickly complete collision reports and to return to service faster. Reduced data entry errors and professional, easy-to-read reports decrease administrative time and effort. Electronic submissions are easily combined to display in real-time where crashes are happening and how many crashes are happening at the same location. ReportBeam can also flag high incident areas where engineering intervention would help to reduce costly collisions and save lives.


ReportBeam allows your officers to complete accident reports faster and more accurately. ReportBeam offers:

  • An exact replica of your current state reports – officers will be instantly familiar with the electronic version of their reports.
  • Elimination of data entry errors – dropdown lists and pre-populated data enable quicker reporting. Data validation ensures reports are complete and accurate.
  • Integrated diagrams – diagrams are created using the embedded SmartRoads application.
  • Efficient workflow - manage the approval process with built in workflow.
  • Public website – a website is available for the public to download their collision reports.
  • Statistical analysis - instant access to a location-based analysis system that enables supervisors to quickly establish causes of incidents.
  • Integration – ReportBeam seamlessly integrates with our eCitation solution, Virtual Partner 2.0

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