Aptean Respond Case Manager

Empower your team to reach customer feedback resolutions quickly and effectively.

Aptean Respond Case Manager

Managing feedback from your customers takes energy, enthusiasm and the right support. After all, customers have a myriad of reasons for contacting you ranging from a great experience with your service staff to complaints that require diligent investigation. Respond Case Manager gives your case managers an intuitive solution designed to guide them through customer interactions from initial capture through to resolution. 

The solution centers around a configurable interface that displays all of the information case managers need to perform their role including links to recent cases, frequently run searches or reports and even external data sources. Activities such as adding notes, detailing telephone calls, sending emails and setting reminders are all captured, ensuring a streamlined case entry process. 

Respond Case Manager also offers the ability to create templates for letters and emails, further increasing consistency and staff productivity.


  • Configurable User Interface
  • Process-Driven Workflow 
  • Industry-Tailored Templates for Best Practices 
  • Configurable Workflows and Processes 
  • Reports and Charts 
  • Built-in Search 
  • Electronic Case File of all Interactions in a Single Location


  • Enforce Your Desired Processes – The configurable process-driven workflow of Case Manager allows you to build and enforce a case management process that is unique to your specific business.
  • Close the Loop on Customer Feedback – Respond fully automates your end-to-end complaint and feedback management program to efficiently capture, process and resolve, as well as report on and analyze every piece of customer feedback, whether negative or positive, from all channels.
  • Speed Time to Resolution – With access to tools like search, diaries and a proven case management process, your case managers have the support they need to resolve cases faster and at lower cost while delivering a more responsive customer experience. 
  • Deploy Industry Best Practices – Pre-configured industry solutions allow you to deploy Case Manager complete with built-in feedback management best practices.
  • Get a Graphical View – Take advantage of reporting and charting features to quickly summarize trends in customer feedback as well as metrics on case resolution.
  • Improved Management of Case Handler Workload – Improve operational efficiencies through comprehensive operational reporting and management tools, ensuring all cases are processed and resolved as efficiently as possible, meeting internal or externally-set Service Level Agreements (SLA).