Aptean Respond Configuration Manager

A tailored enterprise feedback management solution without the expense of customization.

Aptean Respond Configuration Manager

Your organization is like no other. You do things differently, have unique offerings and your business processes are part of what make your organization who you are. The same holds true for your customer feedback processes. 

Respond Configuration Manager is designed to empower you to design your perfect customer feedback process quickly and without the time and expense required to customize software. Respond Configuration Manager gives you a simple, wizard-driven interface that allows you to determine the way your front-line agents and case managers handle customer interactions. From defining the escalation path between agents and case managers to building the workflow required to close out a case or capture a customer complement, you can do it all, and do it without the aid of expensive consultants or systems integrators.


  • Entitles
  • Fields 
  • Mandatory Data 
  • Field formats/ Data Integrity 
  • Screen Design 
  • Workflow 
  • Category Options 
  • Security 
  • Users 
  • Case Agent Screen Flow 
  • Reports and Searches


  • Spot Trends & Adapt – Your business does not sit still and neither should your feedback management system. As a business, new products and services will come and go and the nature of feedback will change over time. Respond Configuration Manager ensures you remain in control of the information you capture and how you manage it within your organization. 
  • Reduce Risk – With the freedom to configure your customer experience management system to exactly match your desired process, you reduce your reliance on systems integration and outside contractors. 
  • Share Customer Feedback – Configuration manager gives you the ability to create reports and searches that can be published to users to provide the level of customer insight and performance appropriate to their role.