Ross ERP

Whether you are in the process of re-evaluating your existing ERP application or looking to replace your existing spreadsheets, it’s important to focus on an ERP application that has a strong process manufacturing foundation that can support your unique requirements with minimum customization.

Ross ERP

Ross ERP supports many inbuilt industry “best practices” that you can align your business processes to. Go “under the covers” of Ross ERP and you will discover that a recipe/formula-based ERP application that can successfully manage the variability and complexities of your products and processes, and accurately account for all raw material and finished products which will significantly improve production scalability and product costing and traceability.

Our modular approach to ERP provides fast implementations in high-impact areas, with the freedom to add additional modules as your company grows and evolves. From one plant to dozens, in multiple countries, languages and currencies, Ross ERP can be easily rolled out to standardize upon and accelerate your business processes across your enterprise.

Financial Management

Ross ERP Financial Management equips you to effectively manage your business operations across multiple companies, divisions, and individual sites. The modules incorporate proven, industry-specific practices that make sense for process manufacturers. The applications provide the flexibility and functionality you need to manage large multi-national enterprises, or small- to medium-sized businesses in dynamic environments.


  • Chart of Accounts 
  • Multiple Currencies 
  • Fiscal Calendars 
  • Vendor and Customer Diaries 
  • Future Progression Dates 
  • Invoices from Sales 
  • Invoices from POs 
  • Financial Reports 
  • Statistics


  • Stay Flexible – Manage your business in key areas, including the chart of accounts, currencies, fiscal calendars, balance types, and accounting periods. Meet local business requirements while streamlining global consolidation and analysis capabilities.
  • Keep Track of Customers – Create vendor and customer diaries to help you manage your business more efficiently. Diary entries can be set with future progression dates to remind users to follow up on various tasks.
  • Go Everywhere in Every Currency – Span international markets and support local languages, currencies, accounting, and regulatory requirements. All multi-currency transactions give you the originating currency value, the base currency, and the conversion rate.
  • Increase Efficiencies – Reduce or eliminate re-keying by automatically creating invoices from sales or purchase orders. Share data – such as payment terms, bank codes, and customer and supplier information – across all applications.
  • Create Reports Your Way – Create detailed and accurate financial reports, such as profit and loss statements, that are organized by product or job/activity.
  • Manage Costs – Allocate overhead costs to a specific product based on statistics, and in the same way allocate expenses incurred in payroll back to manufacturing.


Ross ERP Distribution is a smart way to stay competitive and achieve your business goals. Our modular approach to distribution allows you to select the applications that will have the highest impact on your business – whether that means managing purchase orders or integrating a self-service customer portal. 


  • Comprehensive Reporting and Analysis
  • Online Content Management 
  • Self-Service Inquiries and Orders 
  • Real-Time Production Data 
  • Distribution Fleet Data 
  • Plant-Level Data Records 
  • Product and Location Tracking 
  • Manage Promotions 
  • Order Entry 
  • Shipping Data


  • Purchase Order Processing – Manage purchase orders and requisitions, receiving and invoice vouchering, MRP purchases, maintenance and more.
  • Inventory Control – Define and track products and locations, while maintaining precise inventory balances.
  • Pricing & Promotions – Manage special promotions and ensure up-to-the-minute pricing data for multiple customers and clients.
  • Sales Order Processing – Smart functionality for order entry, shipping, invoicing, credit memos and sales analysis.
  • Transportation Management – Streamline transportation costs and keep a closer eye on shipping and distribution fleets.


Ross ERP Manufacturing equips process manufacturers to make fully informed, real-time business decisions. Increase your plant throughput, contain costs and improve delivery performance with this purpose-built solution. You’ll also enjoy the added benefits of comprehensive order-to-cash management, manufacturing planning-to-execution, and procure-to-pay processes. The module includes recipe and formula management, work orders, product costing, maintenance, materials planning, inventory control software, and production.


  • Order-to-Cash Management
  • Planning-to-Execution
  • Procure-to-Pay Processes
  • Recipe and Formula Management
  • Work Orders
  • Product Costing
  • Inventory Control
  • Software Maintenance
  • Materials Planning
  • Production


  • Provide Efficient Tools – Manufacturing specifications, quality control testing and recording, rate-based and fixed time production.
  • Powerful Capability with Smart Functionality – Work smarter when you use flexible measurement units, input / output process specifications, batch scaling, individual location specifications, product and job costing, and material inputs. Record machine and labor times, process variables – including lot and batches – plus job status, performance and production outputs.
  • Get to the Details – Access yield reports and other critical data, whenever you need it.


As simple to use as any map or GPS system, TraceExpress for Ross ERP provides immediate forward and backward trace functionality. Identify suspect materials and the disposition of finished goods in the event of a product recall. Ensure product safety and secure customer trust while meeting industry and government regulatory compliance regulations. TraceExpress offers a highly intuitive and vastly superior user experience. Dramatically cut the time required to identify, review and process lot-specific supply chain data, while reducing response times to potential problems.


  • Forward and Backward Tracing
  • Defective Lot Tracing
  • Mid-Production Tracing
  • Track and Trace in Seconds
  • Map-Style User Interface
  • Full Plant Visibility


  • Recalls & Mock Recalls in Minutes, Not Hours or Days – An easy-to-use, comprehensive trace model helps you track and trace in minutes. Accurately report lot trace information, while improving lot trace visibility and capabilities. Increase visibility into product lot activity and quality history. Improve your reaction time to potential problems. Increase customer retention and provide superior customer service.
  • Simplify Compliance & Reporting – Streamline reporting and compliance with industry and government regulations when you have access to all your information in minutes. Our customers have been complemented by officials on how fast and accurate their mock recalls have been.

Contracts & Chargebacks

Time pressures, high transaction volumes and stringent data accuracy requirements can make it extremely difficult for manufacturers to manage chargebacks – especially if you’re a small- or mid-size manufacturer working with Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) contracts. This Contracts & Chargebacks module for Ross ERP addresses key challenges, including data volumes, non-standard pricing, management fees and rebates, and regulatory compliance. When each un-validated chargeback erodes your margin and quickly leads to significant financial losses, the stakes are high. By automating the chargeback validation process and maintaining up-to-date information on contracts, prices, and memberships, manufacturers can ensure that only valid credits are authorized and processed – reducing labor volume and unauthorized deductions.


  • Automated Chargeback Validation
  • Contracts
  • Prices
  • Memberships
  • Management Fees and Rebates
  • Non-standard Pricing
  • Standard EDI Transactions
  • Reporting and Analysis


  • Automated Solutions – Effective contract management, up-to-date memberships and pricing, automatic chargeback validation, automated updates to AR and GL, plus automatic fee and rebate accruals.
  • Smart Functionality & Analysis – Standard EDI transactions (844, 845, 849), plus fee and rebate payment validations. Comprehensive reporting and analysis, including Medicare and Medicaid reporting.

Customer Portal

The Customer Portal for Ross ERP gives you a secure, online way to manage Web-based content and support online ordering. Like all our modules, the portal connects seamlessly with your Ross ERP system, giving you better business insight and control. 


  • Content Uploading
  • Data Filtering
  • Price Updates
  • Promotional Tools
  • Order History Look-Up
  • Document Downloads
  • Order Status Reports
  • Shipping Status Reports
  • Online Ordering
  • Role-Based Access


  • Content Management & Production Catalogs – Post new content (e.g product specifications, graphics) to your website without IT help. Make changes in product availability, pricing and attributes instantly available to customers and prospects. Filter information to ensure customers with unique terms see only their own pricing and products.
  • Marketing Promotions – Run targeted promotions to sell excess inventory, for instance, using a low-cost online solution.
  • Self-Service Inquiries & Online Ordering – Give customers immediate order/shipping status reports and answer availability questions. Provide order history look-up and allow customers to download important certificates and documents. Enable customers to place orders online. The Customer Portal links directly with the Ross ERP Order Processing Module, so your team doesn’t have to re-key anything.
  • Administration & Security  – Control information published online with role-based administration and security, plus direct links to your customer master. This production-grade system is designed for easy, secure access.

Data Collection

Business success is almost always measured by how well your company can compete in your chosen markets. For process manufacturers, this means creating higher quality products and getting them to market faster with quicker inventory turns and lower manufacturing costs. To achieve these targets, you need real-time data that accurately represents the key steps in your manufacturing process. You’ll be better equipped to identify and address tactical problems, plus emerging trends that could require further process improvements.


  • RF Data Collection
  • Minimal Keyboard Entry
  • Instant Visibility
  • Bar-Coded Shipment Scans
  • PO Data Capture
  • Product Detail Labels
  • Parts Scanning
  • Multi-Stage Transfers
  • Adjustments and Returns
  • Dispatch Notes
  • Bar-Coded Job Documents
  • Automatic Job Updates


  • Automated Materials Tracking – Radio Frequency (RF) data collection for receipt of raw materials, bin transfers, material picking and shipment confirmation eliminates keyboard data entry.
  • Improved Accuracy & Productivity – Real-time interaction ensures that configured business rules are not bypassed. Instant visibility boosts data accuracy productivity.
  • Make Receiving & Inventory Management More Efficient– Receiving operators scan bar-coded vendor shipments to capture the purchase order number, part numbers and quantities. Product detail labels can be automatically generated as needed. Material handling personnel can easily scan parts and locations to perform one- and two-stage transfers, issues, adjustments & returns, update inventories in real time, and eliminate paperwork and manual data entry.
  • Speed Shipping – Dispatch data verification is the basis for shipping automation. Dispatch notes can be downloaded to portable terminals to prompt shipping personnel for the items, quantities and locations to select; each data element is validated against the dispatch when scanned.
  • Provide Real-Time Shop Floor Visibility – By bar-coding the job documents, production personnel can enter labor and stage count data with little or no keyboard entry. Jobs are automatically updated with elapsed labor, machine time, and manufacturing completed quantities.

Mobile ERP

Ross Mobile ERP is available as a native iPhone and Android application that provides continuous, rapid access to Ross ERP information. Sales personnel can review key customer information prior to meetings – or even during an appointment.


  • Real-Time Pricing Quotes
  • On-Demand Sales History
  • On-Demand Inventory
  • Customer Accounts


  • Negotiate Better Deals – Equip your sales personnel for success. Mobile ERP makes it simple to provide on-the-spot pricing quotes based on current customer discounts, company rebates and promotions, order dates, and location information. Sales staff can also view their customers’ financial and sales order history records.
  • Drive ERP User Adoption & Extend ROI – To reduce IT costs and ensure user adoption, Mobile ERP is implemented on both the iPhone and Andriod smart devices. This powerful tool gives organizations the opportunity to extend the ROI they’ve realized from their ERP implementation in a cost-effective manner.

ERP Social Networking Technologies

Subscribe, Follow and Trend what matters most to you. Taking its cues from social networking, Ross ERP has improved the gathering and reporting of relevant enterprise information to each individual through their ERP dashboards and smart mobile devices. Following this proactive approach, user productivity is increased, decision making is improved, and certain corporate costs and risks are reduced. 

Following this proactive approach, user productivity is increased, decision making is improved, and certain corporate costs and risks are reduced. 


  • Subscribe to & Follow Relevant Information– New context widgets on ERP dashboards allow users to Subscribe and Follow relevant enterprise information. From “Orders Due to Ship Today” and “Sales By Customer” to “Outstanding Balances” and “Inventory Availability”, every user can have their own personal view to timely enterprise information that impacts their daily activities. In addition, the context widgets allow users to execute a number of a series of commands directly against the displayed data set.
  • Get The Big Picture at a Glance– The Enterprise Viewer minimizes the need to surf through Ross ERP menus and transactions looking for relevant information. Context widgets, interactive graphics and other dashboard components can all be configured on a dashboard in order to give the user all their desired information at a glance, allowing them to make faster, more informed decisions.
  • Receive Real-Time Alert Notifications – Actionable links embedded in emails and texts delivered by Event Management Framework, enable recipients to quickly react to events and non events that impact business operations. And should EMF’s recommended actions not be performed in a timely fashion, EMF initiates an escalation process to get other individuals involved in the process.
  • Trend Relevant Information – Trending is a popular feature found in Google and Yahoo sites, as well as in Ross ERP. For example, company sales reps can subscribe and follow their customers through the use of content widgets. Sales reps can then be alerted to upward or downward sales trends, so that they can take the appropriate remedial action.
  • Stay Connected With Mobile ERP – When away from desktops, users still have access to customer, sales, inventory and other important enterprise information via the new Ross Mobile App. Alert notifications, in the forms of emails and text messages, with actionable links can be delivered to individual’s iphones and android smart phones. 
  • Access Resource Library Within Each User Transaction – Social media, YouTube videos, corporate procedures, scanned and generated business reports can all be dragged and dropped from a user’s desktop directly onto their current ERP user transaction. With all of these resources accessible from within the given user transaction, users now have all the right information in one spot, allowing them to make faster, more informed decisions.