Saratoga CRM

Saratoga CRM is a comprehensive web-based software solution that enables large, global organizations in the chemicals, consumer products, energy, insurance and selected manufacturing industries to effectively manage and enhance customer relationships.

Saratoga enables these companies to streamline operations in order to better serve their existing customers, as well as attract new customers.

Saratoga CRM


Saratoga CRM’s unified architecture is designed for multi-platform Internet, client/server and mixed mode environments. This is coupled with an open database design that takes maximum advantage of Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle as database engine choices.


Saratoga is designed for use not only by your own sales, marketing and service personnel, but also by your channel partners and customers. With effortless workflow and navigation, Saratoga is easy to learn and easy to use. Personalized dataviews and security groups enable you to easily tailor the information content for each class of user.


Saratoga solutions offer a rich set of out-of- the-box functionality that can be supplemented by customer-specific business rules and processes. These customizations are quickly and easily performed without tedious programming or impact on existing users by using the high level components of the Business Application Studio.