Service Gateway Device Management

Service Gateway is a device management software solution for telecommunications, cable, and wireless broadband internet providers that manage many different connected devices such as modems, routers, set-top boxes and home gateways.

Deployed in a network operating center (NOC), integrated with an operation support system (OSS/BSS) and web portals, Service Gateway enables these companies to remotely support their subscribers.

Service Gateway Device Management

Internet service providers are constantly bundling value-added services for their subscriber base in the ongoing effort to retain and attract customers. To do this means device and in-home configuration becomes more complex. Each service and device in the network needs a unique set of parameters delivered to every device in a customer’s home to ensure a smooth customer experience. This requires more than a simple Auto-Configuration Server (ACS); it requires software with intelligence and flexibility.

Service Gateway’s policy and workflow engines ensure the right configuration is prepared and delivered to every device in the network. This could be triggered by any event, on a schedule, via the API, or manually. You build the flow that works for your network. Need to store historical data about a device? Need to perform a mass configuration to solve a security problem? Massive firmware rollout? All possible and a core part of Service Gateway’s benefits.

Service Gateway is fully compliant with Broadband Forum standards like CWMP (TR-069) and is device/vendor-agnostic. This means we are contributing in a significant way to the evolution of the industry and the standards. This makes us uniquely positioned to help digital service providers manage the evolution of a large-scale network of consumer and business broadband devices.

Finally, there is our team. We love our customers and making them successful. Most of the team has been working with Service Gateway for more than 10 years. A few of us have been working on device management software for both the Cable (DOCSIS) and Telecommunications (CWMP/TR-069) industries since the late-90s. We’re proud of our history, our solution, and our customer’s success.


Internet service users are becoming increasingly connected and using more and more devices. Every home network is a little bit different in terms of its configuration—from little brother’s Xbox and mom’s iPhone to dad’s PC and little sister’s Kindle Fire. Although not all devices will be managed, it is important for internet service providers to be able to control the gateway. With Service Gateway, you can:

  • Use inventory management features to ensure the right services and configuration are defined for each subscriber.
  • Support level-one call center issues remotely, such as verifying connectivity, checking line quality, or managing WiFi settings, by displaying diagnostics and data to your analyst.
  • Conduct sophisticated configuration modelling and policy definition for targeted devices.
  • Utilize the customizable and feature-rich policy and workflow engine to enable zero-touch provisioning.
  • Deploy firmware upgrades automatically, as part of a workflow, or on a schedule.


Service Gateway provides device management, configuration management, and customer support tools used by the people supporting your broadband network: network engineers, operations, and customer service representatives. Some key features related to industry standards:

  • Broadband Forum TR-069, TR-098, TR-181, TR-104, TR-106, TR-135, TR-143, and related standards
  • Hardware vendor independent
  • Plugin Framework for supporting additional protocols (e.g. SNMP, Telnet, HTTP)
  • Ethernet and ADSL gateway devices, wireless gateways, VoIP ATAs, IPTV, STBs and both fixed and mobile wireless terminals
  • Mobile device management capabilities including WiMax and Femtocell data model
  • Software module management
  • IPv4 and IPv6 address support


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