TradeBeam GTM

TradeBeam is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Global Trade Management (GTM) software solution for global organizations of all size that want to run the most efficient, collaborative, compliant supply chain possible.

TradeBeam GTM


Unlike other GTM solutions, TradeBeam is delivered on an agile, cloud-based platform that is multi-tenant, multi-language, highly secure, and integrates easily with other back office solutions. TradeBeam’s state-of-the-art platform allows for the ultimate combination of fast deployment, collaborative tools and deep supply chain functionality. With TradeBeam, you be assured that you will start quickly, avoid costly infrastructure investments, and gain access from any internet connection.


TradeBeam streamlines the supply chain and lets you obtain the visibility required to sense and respond to fluctuations through automated support at each stage. In addition, TradeBeam provides users with key trade content required to make the right decisions from both a financial and compliance perspective.

TradeBeam offers comprehensive coverage including:

  • Restricted Party Screening – Immediately implement a solution that screens parties involved in the order and shipment process to ensure compliance with the various regulations.
  • Global Trade Compliance  Take advantage of the Trade Content that fuels the application and identify document and license requirements, and total landed costs.
  • Supply Chain Event Management – Learn about key supply chain events and take action early with visibility into order and shipment status across your global supply chain.
  • Platform – Get up and running quickly and easily with the low up-front costs and predictable investment of our cloud-based platform.


TradeBeam GTM software provides a suite of solutions designed to help you automate your processes, eliminate inefficiencies and gain the visibility you need, including:

  • Inventory and Shipment Dashboards
  • Multiple Inventory Replenishment Models
  • Lean Order Scheduling
  • Supplier Metrics
  • Instant Visibility Into Order, Shipment, and Document Status
  • Collection and Distribution of Trade Information
  • Event-Based Alerts
  • Supply Chain Efficiency Measurement
  • Bar Code Label Generation and Management
  • RFID Enabled