Verdiem Surveyor Enterprise PC Wake

Enterprise PC Wake

Verdiem Surveyor Enterprise PC Wake

Centrally managing wake up for your PC fleet.

IT is often only 60% effective in deploying security updates and patches, and relying on your end users to leave their systems on or expecting Windows to behave properly assumes too much. Windows is susceptible to sleep disorders which can result in systems falling back to sleep. Another IT challenge is traditional Wake on LAN that requires router changes and network-wide broadcasts. Surveyor features enhanced Wake on LAN making it network-friendly and developed our own idle timer that overcomes Windows sleep disorders.


Surveyor enables a PC fleet to be more secure and reliable. Surveyor enables IT to set up a recurring schedule for the fleet to ensure that urgent security updates and routine patches reach your systems 90%+ of the time. And, in an emergency, it’s as simple as the click of a button to turn on or off your fleet.


Surveyor can be used to solve very common challenges for PC fleets such as logging off users, running system maintenance applications, and rebooting systems. For example, customers can automate custom processes when their systems wake or before they are put to sleep.


Surveyor enables remote access to PCs from any Internet-connected computer. Users simply point to the Surveyor wake web page, select their computer, and proceed with network remote access.