Verdiem EvokeIT - Secure Enterprise Wake

Reduce risk by improving patching success

Verdiem EvokeIT - Secure Enterprise Wake

Effective deployment of security patches and updates is a challenge every IT department faces. End users forget to leave their machines on when required and having them on 100% of the time is not a responsible use of energy. Windows is also susceptible to sleep disorders and traditional Wake on LAN solutions are risky options that require router changes and network-wide broadcasts in order to be effective. 

EvokeIT solves these problems with Wake on WAN functionality that is both effective and does not require you to compromise your network security. Our solution is network-friendly, simple to use, and runs effectively behind-the-scenes.


EvokeIT enables a more secure and reliable PC fleet. With our best-in-class wake capabilities and our plug-in for the most widely used desktop management system, the typical IT staff can go from 60% PC wake success on the first try to being able to wake the entire fleet with 95+% success.

EvokeIT also enables IT to set up a recurring schedule for the fleet to ensure that important security updates and routine patches reach your machines as expected. In an emergency, it’s as simple as the click of a button to turn on your fleet.

Our solution also will deliver a report indicating which machines were unable to be woken so you can take further action. EvokeIT can also show you when a computer is truly busy, meaning that we can assist you in keeping machines awake after hours when you are trying to patch or update them.


By allowing IT to centrally wake machines organizations can improve the effectiveness of patching, software installation, and especially anti-virus definition updates being sent to PC’s via your software delivery solution, EvokeIT moves IT network security from a constant worry and update battle, to a smooth, seamless, and secure process. IT network administrators can wake their machines with the confidence of knowing that they will get greater than 95% efficacy on the first try. Additionally, EvokeIT supplies a report detailing which machines failed to wake, and why.


EvokeIT can be used to solve very common challenges for PC fleets such as logging off users, running system maintenance applications, and rebooting systems. For example, customers can automate custom processes when their systems wake or before they are put to sleep.

With the judicious use of a few uninterruptible power supplies, you can even use EvokeIT to turn critical machines back on after a power outage. PC’s on the WAN can also be brought back up from an off state.


EvokeIT enables remote access to PCs from any Internet-connected computer. Users simply point to the EvokeIT wake web page, select their computer, and proceed with network remote access.