Customer Relationship Management

Streamline processes by improving automation without compromising on quality or customer satisfaction.

ICustomer Relationship Management

For professional services firms, information is power—power to bring in new business and help your customers be successful. You need CRM technology that will help you seek out, attract, and capture the customers you want to work with now and in the future…and you want that technology to help you manage their information through an integrated solution, giving you a unified view so you can deliver on their expectations and be ready to meet any challenge.

Aptean’s solutions for Professional Services give you an integrated platform that help you not only manage prospect and customer information, but use it to take advantage of every opportunity to grow your business and theirs:  

Pivotal CRM Sales Force Automation

Who’s it for

Pivotal Sales is a complete Sales Force Automation (SFA) solution that gives salespeople the tools they need to focus their efforts and maximize their time, while empowering sales managers to effectively oversee and forecast sales. Pivotal CRM automates every stage of the sales cycle, ensuring you capture every opportunity.

How’s it different

Every aspect of Pivotal CRM Sales is designed to help you hit your number. From time-saving automated features to enhanced collaboration, you’ll have support at each stage of your sales cycle. Pivotal CRM’s flexible technology gives you the power to cost-effectively mold Pivotal Sales to match your desired sales process, without compromise. Pivotal Sales lets you embed a consistent, competitive sales methodology right into your CRM system.

Why you need it

Your sales process is the cornerstone of your competitive success. Pivotal CRM Sales helps you refine, automate, and streamline your sales process to accelerate the sales cycle, reduce administrative burden, and secure better sales results. Pivotal CRM Sales helps you collaborate better to win new business, use social media to leverage social networks and build relationships, empower your sales staff in the field to work more efficiently with any device, align more closely with your marketing organization, be more strategic in defining account strategies, and most importantly, create and maintain a stronger relationship with existing customers to maintain their loyalty. 

Flexible Pivotal CRM Sales technology enables you to rapidly and cost-effectively implement a system that automates even complex, unique service processes. Give your service team the ability to resolve customer inquiries in a personalized, but repeatable manner that accelerates incident resolution and improves customer satisfaction.

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​Pivotal CRM Marketing Automation

Who it’s for

Pivotal CRM Marketing Automation is for companies that want more out of their marketing efforts. They want to measure the impact of every campaign on the sales pipeline—optimizing them for maximum value.

How it’s different

Having a decisive competitive advantage in your market begins with smart marketing. While other CRM systems just track marketing campaigns and contacts, Pivotal offers solutions that make you more effective: Pivotal CRM eMarketing and Pivotal CRM Marketing Automation.

Why you need it

Pivotal eMarketing enables you to harness the data inside your Pivotal CRM database to conduct segmented, personalized electronic communications quickly and cost-effectively. This easy-to-use tool features an easy-to-follow, step-by-step campaign designer, enabling you to quickly design and schedule campaigns, as well as track their success.

If you have more advanced needs, Pivotal CRM Marketing Automation is a highly efficient marketing automation and lead management solution that enables you to conduct even the most complex multi-channel campaigns. Foster relationships with the right prospects over time, ultimately cultivating easier sales and satisfied customers.

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​Pivotal CRM Service Automation

Who it’s for

Pivotal CRM is a complete service automation system that helps you capture, manage, and quickly resolve customer service and support requests, without losing sight of up-selling and cross-selling opportunities.

How it’s different

Flexible Pivotal CRM technology enables you to rapidly and cost-effectively implement a system that automates even complex, unique service processes. Give your service team the ability to resolve customer inquiries in a personalized, but repeatable manner that accelerates incident resolution and improves customer satisfaction.

Why you need it

If you are ready to take your organization to the next level, Pivotal CRM is positioned to get you there by aligning your business processes with the technology needed to optimize your operations so you can set your sights on bigger things. Build, grow and drive your business forward with CRM that maps to your customers’ needs.

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Knova KM

Who it’s for

Knova Knowledge Management (KM) is for customer service and support organizations, especially those who need to handle complex queries across channels in industries, such as high tech, telecommunications, financial services and the IT help desk that are charged with resolving customer issues quickly, accurately, and cost effectively with unparalleled scalability.

How it’s different

Unlike basic enterprise search, FAQs and content management solutions, Knova enables users to both author and search for documents internally or externally through powerful and intelligent search that makes finding resolutions — the positive outcomes of solving customer problems based on context and intent — more user friendly. Knova is the only full-featured solution that can be put directly in the hands of knowledge managers to launch a comprehensive, multi-channel knowledge program founded on delivering resolutions.

Why you need it

Service and Support is the front line of your business. A competitive market requires a successful, sustainable knowledge management program that makes your support center more efficient, self-service more powerful, and customers more satisfied. Technology is a means to that end. Knova provides the superior functionality that leads to customer success. Knova’s focus:

  • Resolutions, not answers – It’s more than search. Knova finds resolutions. And gets smarter as you use it.
  • Actionable data you can use – Business users can act on knowledge trends – no advanced programmers or linguists needed.
  • Innovation for customer success – Customer-led development, 6 search patents, KCS Verified v4, advanced analytics.
  • Value and customer satisfaction – Deliver resolutions quickly and accurately, increasing loyalty and decreasing costs.
  • Scales as your business changes – Deployed by some of the largest call centers in the world.

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SupportSoft eService

Who it’s for

The SupportSoft toolset benefits large IT helpdesks, telecommunications providers and high tech external support organizations that need proactive or real time automated resolution of complex technical issues directly on an end user’s PC to automate the resolution of expensive assisted call drivers.

How it’s different

Individually, there are many point solutions on the market that can be cobbled together to create your multi-channel support infrastructure. And while there are several eService vendors, none has the diagnostic, proactive toolset designed to either eliminate issues completely or drastically decrease the time to resolution via smart technology deployed directly to the customer’s PC like SupportSoft eService.

Why you need it

Customers are finely attuned to moments when they’re treated differently depending on who (and how) they ask. Transactions that are impossible over the web suddenly get completed after a strongly-worded e-mail. The contact center says “no,” but the analyst on the phone says “yes.” The web site says your transaction went through, but the chat agent can’t find it. In all these cases, customers feel like they’re not dealing with one company, but several. They become frustrated, try to figure out how to work the angles, and ultimately lose confidence in anything they hear. Inconsistent service and support is a fast way to erode loyalty.

  • Shift It Left for Big ROI – Our customers have seen a 15 to 50 percent call deflection, saving you time and money.
  • KCSsm Verified – SupportSoft is aligned with the Consortium for Service Innovation’s KCS best practice methodologies.
  • ITIL Compliance – SupportSoft follows ITIL best practices to help provide quality IT services, process and functionality.
  • Fix It For Me – Automated solutions out of the box that will improve the time to resolution on common call drivers.

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