Encompix V10.0 Personalizes the User Experience

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IEncompix V10.0 Personalizes the User Experience
Encompix V10.0 Personalizes the User Experience

Aptean recently released Encompix v10.0, a major release focused on improving ease of use and end-user efficiency. This user-optimized platform ensures that system navigation is simple and efficient, and is the successful result of collaboration between the Aptean Encompix product team and our customers.

Encompix users have access to tremendous amounts of key information at their fingertips throughout the system. v10.0 offers much easier access to that information, and increases multitasking capabilities within the ERP system across companies and projects. Streamlining these and other processes not only saves time and money, but also increases both user and customer satisfaction. An example is the expanded ability to open and navigate among a number of windows, and resize them to the user’s preference so users can see and do more with the data presented. Another example is the ability to quickly move between company views when accessing information about multiple companies. These features help users complete tasks more quickly in order to fulfill customer needs.

A personalized experience is also important. In v10.0 for example, users can create their own lists of favorite programs, sort them and even set them to start automatically. Even colors and fonts can be tailored to a user’s personal preference. While this may seem trivial, our users tell us that typically they only work with a few programs from day to day, and by organizing their own menu they can get to these programs more quickly with a minimum of clicks.

Encompix ERP v10.0 software is available for download from the Aptean Support Center, and is available for new customers and customers currently on maintenance. As always, we thank all of our customers for their input and help in making v10.0 a success!

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