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From Serving Customers to Preventing Crime: How Respond Helps One U.K. Financial Provider Improve Operations and Effectiveness

Financial crimes, which already cost victims billions each year, are on the rise, which makes the work of St. James’s Place Financial Crime Prevention Team all the more critical. Luckily, the company and its customers have Aptean’s Respond solution on their side.

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Thinking Training for Today’s Kids

By Martin Stiby and Sammy Kolt

There are a lot of serious reasons why kids should learn computer coding. For one, so much in our daily lives relies on computer hardware and software, and understanding something about how they work can help us use them more effectively.

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When Outsourcing Utility Bill Printing Makes Sense for Your Municipality

By Lisa Bush, Senior Solutions Consultant

Printing utility bills can be a timely and costly job for most municipalities, but since utilities are a main source of revenue, it’s also one of the most important.

For the most part, larger municipalities have been outsourcing their monthly billing to full-service print companies because it’s more economical. Small and mid-sized cities haven’t jumped on the outsourcing bandwagon as quickly; they don’t necessarily have the minimum volume required for printers, and they also prefer to use their local post offices.

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December 06, 2017 Lisa Bush Jump to Comments