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When Outsourcing Utility Bill Printing Makes Sense for Your Municipality

By Lisa Bush, Senior Solutions Consultant

Printing utility bills can be a timely and costly job for most municipalities, but since utilities are a main source of revenue, it’s also one of the most important.

For the most part, larger municipalities have been outsourcing their monthly billing to full-service print companies because it’s more economical. Small and mid-sized cities haven’t jumped on the outsourcing bandwagon as quickly; they don’t necessarily have the minimum volume required for printers, and they also prefer to use their local post offices.

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December 06, 2017 Lisa Bush Jump to Comments

The New World of Data

As I was watching a documentary on the Christopher Columbus expedition to the New World, it occurred to me just how audacious he and other early explorers really were. Imagine setting off into the unknown with only your experience and wits about you . . . and, perhaps, some technology.

In fact, whether it was Columbus sailing for the East Indies and landing in the Americas, Ferdinand Magellan circumnavigating the globe, Sir Edmund Hillary scaling Mount Everest, or even Neil Armstrong walking on the moon, they all relied on the technology of the day to aid in their quests to be the first to achieve their own unique and daring goals. Incredibly and against sizeable odds, each were able to make discoveries still celebrated today, and technology played a significant role in every journey.

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Six Tips For Better Software Support

By Steve Huskey, Associate Manager, Professional Services

"I don't think you'll ever have a perfect world because we humans are prone to error, and so we're always in search of an upgrade." ~ Henry Rollins

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Public Sector Accounting Board – Exposure Draft on Revenue

By Rosemary Buchanan, BBA, CPA, CA, Customer Solutions Consultant for USTI

On May 1st, 2017 the Public Sector Accounting Board (PSAB), a division of Financial Reporting & Assurance Standards Canada , released its Exposure Draft on Revenue . Comments were accepted on the draft document prior to August 15 th and the board will be reviewing those comments between September, 2017 and June, 2018 when the Exposure Draft is expected to become effective as part of the CPA Handbook. The Exposure Draft was written to address a recognized lack of guidance with respect to revenue recognition in the public sector. This deficiency has resulted in inconsistent revenue recognition between various public sector bodies, which has reduced the value of comparisons between like organizations. It was clear that a prescribed solution was needed.

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How Smart Businesses Can Transform Their Data into Results

How Smart Businesses Can Transform Their Data into Results

Headlines that claim “ data is the future” are wrong. Data is the present, and every company should have a strategy in place today to collect, store and analyze the data flowing through their organizations. The answers to your most important questions can be found in the numbers, and your business is talking to you through them all the time.

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October 18, 2017 Jenny Peng Jump to Comments

Change Management

By Marianne Chikos, Vice President Customer Solutions

The vision at Aptean is to enable our customers’ long-term economic success by delivering relevant and trusted technology solutions. A key component of our mission is providing not just software, but rather a solution for the customer’s success. The software is an enabler for change, but real improvement comes from behavioral and organizational change, not simply switching a piece of technology. Part of our Factory MES solution is performance coaching to help drive change at these higher levels and ensure the greatest impact on the company’s performance.

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The Value of Work Orders

By Rich Adams, Regional Account Director TabWare EAM

Do you write Work Orders or do you have a Work Order System?

In meetings and conversations about Maintenance Operations over the years, the subject always seems to revolve around subject of the Work Order. Whether it is in the implementation or sales process, it is always interesting in how customers consider the value of a Work Order and its importance in their organizations.

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September 19, 2017 Rich Adams Jump to Comments

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Small Local Government and the Move to Cloud-Based Applications

By David Entrekin, Director, USTI

Even though the trend to move to Cloud-Based Applications in the general consumer market started several years ago, it has not been widely adopted by the small local government market. However, this has started to change with 2017 budgets.

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Introducing Aptean's CMO Leo Tucker

Aptean welcomed veteran marketing expert Leo Tucker as the company’s new Chief Marketing Officer. We sat down with Leo to chat about his background, his early impressions of Aptean, and how he spends his time outside the office.

Q: Leo, can you start by telling us about your background and the path that brought you to Aptean?

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The Return on Investment Customers Receive from Maintenance

Consistently operating at peak performance and getting the most out of assets is a key objective for many companies. Implementing the right software solutions is how Best-In-Class companies are continuing to excel. Investing in a maintenance contract ensures that your company’s critical software is always at peak performance.

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