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Making Complex Enterprise Data Simple with Analytics

Data is only good if you can use it. This sounds simple but metals manufacturers understand the underlying truth in this message. The challenge is taking a seemingly infinite amount of data and making it usable in a short period of time. Incorporating an analytics solution specifically tailored for the metals industry, into your ERP system will help you to turn the raw data produced by the ERP into actionable insights to help you streamline operations, increases productivity and reduces costs.

Analytics enables you to dig further into data associations from any number of data sources and make sense of what you’re looking at. It’s time to use analytics to understand the “whys” that drive your business’ success.

Examples of how metals manufacturers benefit from analytics:


The term “scrap” typically implies unwanted leftovers or rusted junk material. In the metals business however, scrap actually points to a multi-billion dollar industry around recycling and reusability.[1] Analytics can help you to understand where and when scrap is being produced, along with other associations such as product, gauge, hardness or even operators and shifts, so that you can quickly determine where you have opportunities to recover your scrap losses, and improve your overall usage. 


While scrap is one piece of the puzzle, it is important to understand all of the yield losses resulting from your process. Some losses, such as scrap or kerf losses from cutting cannot be avoided, but with analytics you can determine when and where those losses exceed standard, and most importantly determine why and ultimately take action to improve your yields. Having a streamlined solution that helps to recognize losses in production (recoverable and non-recoverable) will help ensure maximized productivity in your business.


Imagine if a car were to flip because of a piece of defective metal that came directly from your plant. Because the wreck was out of the driver’s hands, the person that owns the car will most likely sue. To prepare for the lawsuit, it is imperative to have your ducks in a row and know exactly where the faulty metal came from.

An analytics solution can dive into the details and will trace the metal back to the exact date, heat and machine it was produced on. In case of any potential recalls on a specific piece of metal, a lawsuit, or any other occurrence, having the capability to trace metals back to square one is necessary for cost savings and increased productivity. But even more important, analytics can help you understand why the problem happens, and then proactively trace down other materials with similar characteristics.

To view Peter Weymouth's full article in Modern Metals, please click here. 

[1] Piecing Together the Scrap Metal IndustryHuffington Post. 08/02/2013

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VSMPO-Tirus, U.S. Selects Aptean Axis ERP to Align U.S. Operations

VSMPO-Tirus, U.S., which offers sales, distribution and service center processing for the world’s largest titanium manufacturer VSMPO-AVISMA, has selected Aptean Axis ERP to bring all of its U.S. operations onto the same software platform. VSMPO launched the first of their planned implementations of Axis ERP on August 1, 2015 and will complete the rollout to their other facilities in 2016.

VSMPO selected Axis ERP to increase accuracy and speed in their transactions while providing real-time material information to improve inventory turnover and control. The ability to track materials throughout the manufacturing and distribution process, “birth to shipment,” along with the usability and ease of implementation were key factors in VSMPO’s decision to choose Axis ERP.

“Axis ERP was designed specifically for the metal manufacturing and distribution industry, and this industry expertise meant we could be up and running on a new system with minor modifications, setting Aptean apart from the competition,” said VSMPO President, Michael Metz. “We are able to replace our outgrown legacy systems with a solution that can meet our current and future needs, while standardizing our ERP solution across the company. We are looking forward to achieving the same success we experienced with the first implementation as we bring additional facilities onto the Axis ERP system.”

To learn more about VSMPO's plans with Axis ERP and to understand how Axis ERP contributes to the long-term success of companies, click here to view the full press release

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