Customer Success - ILLES Seasonings & Flavors

Everyone deserves well-seasoned, flavorful meals. Illes makes them happen.

Everyone deserves well-seasoned, flavorful meals. Illes makes them happen.

Illes Seasonings & Flavors takes spices and marinades to a whole new level with the help of Pivotal CRM & Ross ERP. In their quest to become a low-cost provider to restaurants and food manufacturers, they rely on powerful CRM & ERP solutions.

ILLES Seasonings & Flavors

Quick Facts

  • Third generation family business with a tradition of quality, innovation and exceptional customer service.
  • Two Texas manufacturing facilities and an R&D center in Colorado.
  • Provides glazes, marinades, spices, rubs and more to food manufacturers and national restaurant chains.


Food and Beverage


Carrolton, TX



Illes Seasonings and Flavors is a third-generation family-owned company that focuses on developing and producing seasonings and flavors. To position itself for growth as a low-cost provider, the company needed a technology partner that knew its business and wouldn’t break the bank.


The executive team at Illes turned to Pivotal CRM and Ross ERP to enable it to manage finances and develop KPIs so that managers could see data in real time, and make decisions based on knowing the details instead of general observations and historical data. The company implemented Ross ERP with the data collection module to improve efficiency, and Pivotal CRM to manage its vendor pool.


Executives report that Illes is more competitive in the marketplace with the help of Ross ERP. The R&D department has eliminated paper record retention, and in the factory. Vicky Peterlin, Vice President of Operations, credits the implementation of Ross with the company developing a more true cost for each individual product, so “that when we go to the floor with a product, we know we are making money.”