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Lakeside Foods Is on Track to Achieve a 10% Efficiency Uplift with Factory MES.

Lakeside Foods Is on Track to Achieve a 10% Efficiency Uplift with Factory MES.

We see Factory MES as a key component to improving our labor utilization, increasing OEE and throughput, and improving quality control and traceability. Assuming this step change in performance continues, we will deploy this technology to other sites in our plant network.

Lakeside Foods

Quick Facts

  • Privately held private label food processor headquartered in Manitowoc, WI.
  • 15 additional plants and 8 distribution centers across Wisconsin, Minnesota and Ohio.
  • Annual on-time shipping consistently exceeds 99%.


Food & Beverage


Manitowoc, WI


Factory MES



For Lakeside Foods, escalating raw material costs and increased competitive pressures made it difficult to maintain industry-leading status. The company felt that high mechanical downtime levels and manual quality assurance processes were a barrier to improved performance. Lakeside also lacked actionable intelligence that prevented plant personnel from identifying line problems in real time and taking appropriate action.


Lakeside Foods invested in Factory MES, a Manufacturing Executions System designed specifically for process manufacturers.


After implementing Factory MES, Lakeside saw immediate performance uplift across all production lines and a 50% changeover reduction in one production line alone. The solution has improved production scheduling processes and increased labor utilization, OEE and throughput. The company now has real-time intelligence that empowers the workforce to take action and become more motivated and accountable. Ultimately, Lakeside is on track to gain full ROI within nine months of project commencement.