Farm Credit Services of America Case Study

FCSAmerica leverages Aptean Pivotal CRM to drive industry-leading scores in customer service and loyalty.

Farm Credit Services of America Case Study

Aptean customer Farm Credit Services of America (FCSAmerica) is a borrower-owned agricultural lending cooperative serving approximately 50,000 farmers, agribusinesses and rural residents throughout Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, Wyoming and Kansas. After implementing Aptean Pivotal CRM, FCSAmerica boasts industry-leading scores in customer service and loyalty – a feat they attribute to Pivotal, which provides the company’s nearly 1,500 employees with an all-encompassing source of customer data and information.

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Tom: Well, Farm Credit Services of America is a borrower owned co-operative. We're owned by the people we serve. We operate in the states of Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, Wyoming, and the eastern third of Kansas. Pivotal CRM is very critical to customer service. It allows us to see the customer. It's central to everything we do. We view CRM as the customer true center. So everything we know about every customer is in Aptean Pivotal. That's where it's at.

Andrea: Pivotal is the type of tool that really allows you to give quality service to a customer. I think really at the core we all want to provide service that a customer will be proud of, and that you'll be remembered for. Pivotal allows me to provide this service because all I have to do is pull up a customer. I have all of their information in one place. It's easy to click from screen to screen, and relay information to someone quickly. And when I hang up the phone with that person, I feel satisfied that I've fulfilled their need and done it as quickly and as accurately as I possibly can.

Doug: You know, I've been able to use the Pivotal tool even in a mobile environment. We have that accessible to us via our mobile technology, and so what's really great about that is it's so interesting that I run into customers on an ongoing basis. It might be a football game on a Friday night, or church on Sunday, or some other activity after hours. And so the tool really allows me to access those names of our customers. And I may even just have a first name or a last name, and I can look them up and know they're a customer, and know who their financial officer is. and really it strengthens my opportunity to interact with our customers and do... You know, show that I appreciate and that we acknowledge their business relationship with us.

Tom: But what's really made Pivotal a great experience for us has been the people behind Pivotal. We're thrilled with the investment that Aptean is making in Pivotal CRM. That's great, because it's an essential tool to our business. And so we're really tickled when Aptean puts their power behind Pivotal. It's very valuable to us.