ERP Solutions

Every business has unique processes and needs, but ultimately, every business needs technology with comprehensive business functionality that ties the entire enterprise together, connecting all the moving parts and providing better visibility into operations. Aptean offers integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions that help businesses operate more effectively and see the big picture—so they can make strategic decisions that keep them efficient and profitable.

IERP Solutions

Regardless of your industry, you need an ERP software solution to be the backbone of your business, automating and supporting business processes. The best ERP solutions, however, are fully integrated with all your systems across the enterprise, bringing value to every functional area, from finance to customer service to management—and if you’re in manufacturing, this includes your engineering, design and supply chain teams as well.

Most importantly, your ERP system should fit the way you do business, not the other way around. Aptean’s ERP solutions are designed with deep functional fit built in, but they are also highly customizable to align even more closely with your unique business processes: 

Aptean ERP Solutions

Ross Supply Chain Planning

Who it’s for

Ross Supply Chain Planning is a proven, innovative solution built specifically for recipe/formula-based manufacturers.

How it’s different

Ross Supply Chain Planning will help you build a better business by planning and forecasting demand proactively, optimizing production schedules and minimizing inventory investments.

Why you need it

Ross Supply Chain Planning equips you to build a better business with smart planning solutions. Plan and forecast proactively, optimize production schedules for low-cost and high-quality customer service, minimize inventory investments, and streamline distribution operations. Customers rely on Ross Supply Chain Planning to help them increase visibility while reducing stock-outs and inventory issues that waste resources.

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Ross ERP

Who it’s for

Ross ERP is built specifically for process manufacturers that want to streamline operations, quickly bring new products to the marketplace, and easily ramp up production, while cutting costs and complying with ever more stringent retailer requirements and federal regulations.

How it’s different

Ross ERP is designed to support manufacturers that work with recipes and formulas in order to help them successfully manage the variability and complexities of their products and processes, as well as accurately account for all raw material and finished products—which will significantly improve production scalability and product costing and traceability. From one plant to dozens, in multiple countries, languages and currencies, Ross ERP also can be easily rolled out to achieve business process standardization across a global enterprise. With deep industry expertise, Ross and its team of technology experts can give you a solution that is tailor-made for your business.

Why you need it

Whether you are in the process of re-evaluating your existing ERP application or looking to replace your existing spreadsheets, it’s important to focus on an ERP application that has a strong process manufacturing foundation that can support your unique requirements with minimal customization.

  • Streamline inventory management and get accurate, real-time data for higher quality products, faster time to market, quicker inventory turns, and lower manufacturing costs.
  • Make informed, real-time manufacturing decisions to enhance quality, increase plant throughput, contain costs, and improve delivery performance.
  • Protect your brand and your customers with intuitive, easy-to-use traceability solutions that track your products and ingredients from suppliers to manufacturing to end-users.
  • Automate your chargeback validation process and stay on top of high data volumes, non-standard pricing, management fees and rebates, and regulatory compliance requirements.

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Intuitive ERP

Who it’s for

Intuitive is a solution for manufacturers building products for regulated industries, such as electronics, medical devices, and aviation who must comply with strong regulatory requirements such as component serial number traceability, product configuration, quality management, and engineering change management

How it’s different

Intuitive offers the most affordable, comprehensive, and tested ERP feature set for regulated manufacturing environments. With more than 800 customers in 20 countries, Intuitive ERP stands out in the marketplace for its ability to increase the quality and visibility of information manufacturers need to make the strategic and tactical operational decisions that achieve core business goals. By leveraging a Microsoft .NET architecture, Intuitive provides capabilities that are faster, more secure, and easy to administer, modify, and integrate with other applications.

Why you need it

Tracking, reporting and ensuring the integrity of information are one of the most important aspects of manufacturing for regulated industries. An inability to react to quality or customer issues can be or to be able to plan and deliver in a timely manner can be the difference between success and failure. With Intuitive ERP, you can:

  • Provide seamless integration of planning, materials management and procurement, manufacturing, financial, and business intelligence processes.
  • Leverage eCommerce and customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities, and a well-developed services and support offering to make it easy for your customers to do business with you.
  • Make it easy for your employees to do business with each other by standardizing and integrating business processes across the enterprise.
  • Provide data analysis tools to enhance decision making.
  • Support multi-national manufacturers with multi-language and multi-currency capabilities.

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Made2Manage ERP

Who it’s for

Made2Manage ERP is for small and medium-sized manufacturers with dynamic, to-order environments such as engineer-to-order (ETO), make-to-order (MTO), assemble-to-order (ATO), and mixed mode operations focused on driving down costs while increasing efficiency, on-time delivery and customer satisfaction.

How it’s different

Made2Manage seamlessly integrates enterprise resource planning and scheduling with shop floor execution better than any other ERP software provider. Built in 1986 by the president of a machine tool company, and expanded through the years via the input of more than 1500 discrete, to-order manufacturing companies, Made2Manage has never strayed from its focus on the manufacturing industry. What’s more, in its latest release, Version 7.0, Made2Manage debuts its 100% .NET, SOA, n-tier architecture—with “future proof” technology that won’t become obsolete the moment you buy it.

Why you need it

The shop floor is where the real work gets done in dynamic, to-order environments. When you need to create sophisticated plans that will help your shop floor run at maximum efficiency while still being able to quickly react to customer demands, you need industrial-strength manufacturing ERP software that operates at the speed of your shop floor. With Made2Manage ERP, you can:

  • Plan using real world constraints and what if scenarios
  • Improve on-time delivery using Theory-of-Constraint scheduling
  • See the entire enterprise operations right down to the shop floor
  • Execute changes on the shop floor swiftly

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Who it’s for

For metals, wire and cable manufacturers, processors and service centers, ranging from global corporations to family owned businesses that require advanced business solutions Axis ERP is designed to drive increased efficiency, reduce costs and maximize profitability.

How it’s different

Axis ERP has the specialized functionality that metals and wire and cable companies need to address the business challenges they face every day. Built by industry experts and continually updated based on the input of some of the world’s largest metals, wire and cable manufacturers—our customers, Axis delivers innovative, yet practical, solutions to your strategic operational challenges and real return on investment.

Why you need it

Axis ERP makes it possible for metals companies, and wire and cable manufacturers to manage their business operations using a common base of industry-specific information and business processes. Axis ERP contributes to the long-term success of companies by helping them:

  • Quickly develop, quote, and produce new products to exacting customer expectations
  • Consistently deliver high-quality products while decreasing lead times
  • Reduce costs and improve profitability
  • Effectively manage complex business models involving many customized products for many customers
  • Efficiently manufacture products in either low volume or high volume
  • Put high-cost capital equipment to the best possible use

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Encompix ERP

Who it’s for

Encompix ERP is for engineer-to-order and custom manufacturers that design and build complex products to exact customer specifications frequently involving long lead times and heavy engineering content. It is designed to provide accurate cost estimates to customers, manage all aspects of complex projects, and deliver on time and on budget.

How it’s different

Unlike generic ERP solutions, Encompix ERP is designed specifically for engineer-to-order and project-based manufacturers who face business challenges that simply cannot be resolved by traditional ERP software. Because of our focus on engineer-to-order and project-based companies, Encompix is able to deliver a closer fit that in turn leads to shorter implementation and faster time-to-benefit.

Why you need it

Encompix’s engineer-to-order and project-based customers have seen dramatic business improvements and faster return on their investment. Typical results achieved by our customers include:

  • Reduction in costs by 30 percent.
  • Increased margin by 10-25 percent.
  • 100 percent revenue growth with little additional indirect cost.
  • Improved change control resulted in $250,000 in additional revenue.
  • Reduced delivery cycle times by 40 percent.
  • Greater visibility and control over project costs.
  • Reduced costs in one department by 50 percent.
  • Accounting month-end closing time halved.
  • Elimination of non-value added activities resulting in savings of over $100,000 per year.
  • Win profitable business in new markets.

What you get

Encompix allows companies to improve the efficiency of business processes critical to their success, with capabilities for:

  • Project Budgeting and Costing
  • Revenue Recognition
  • Milestone Billing
  • Engineering Integration
  • Bill-of-Material Management
  • Microsoft Project Integration
  • Finance
  • Business Analytics
  • CRM
  • Spare Part Sales
  • Field Service

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Who it’s for

Cimnet offers a variety of directly-delivered software, services and support solutions for every aspect of the PCB manufacturing process, from pre-production—engineering, quoting, panelization, and analysis—to manufacturing for the global printed circuit board (PCB) industry. This includes electronic manufacturing services (EMS) and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) who design, assemble, produce, and test PCBs – from large, multi-national corporations to smaller, homegrown shops.

How it’s different

Unlike generic ERP solutions, Cimnet is specifically designed and enhanced for the unique and changing needs of the PCB industry. In addition, Cimnet’s offerings can be implemented individually to provide focused functionality to specific areas of a company’s pre-production process or integrated to create a complete automation of pre-production and manufacturing processes to help achieve significant time and cost savings.

Why you need it

Here are some of the reasons manufacturers have chosen Cimnet as a software partner and been glad they did:

  • Ramp up engineering to save time, lower costs, and improve accuracy
  • Produce more accurate quotes, faster
  • Automate data input and engineering analysis
  • Automate panelization
  • Improve manufacturing through better materials management, scheduling, and production management
  • Improve PCB supply chain visibility, both upstream and downstream

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Who it’s for

DTR is a directly-delivered enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, services and support solution for leaders in the plastics industry with a combination of discrete and process manufacturing requirements – including injection molders, extruders, film and bag processors, blow molders, thermoformers and compounders.

How it’s different

Unlike generic ERP solutions, DTR ERP is the most affordable, comprehensive solution focused specifically on the needs of the plastics industry. In fact, to ensure sustained focus on the unique requirements of discrete and process plastics companies, it is only sold into the plastics industry. Developed and maintained by a team of software developers with extensive experience in the plastics industry. DTR has been helping plastics manufacturers reduce costs, increase sales and better meet customer demands for more than 20 years.

Why you need it

    Here are some of the reasons manufacturers have chosen the DTR ERP solution and been glad they did:

  • Reduce inventory costs
  • Monitor scrap and regrind for more accurate job costing
  • Shorten production cycle times
  • Streamline financial management processes
  • Strengthen customer relationships

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