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All companies, regardless of industry, rely on keeping their relationships with their customers strong. In a world of increasing competition and commoditization, it can be the deciding factor between one company and another. To provide the best service and support possible, these organizations need technology that helps them manage and take advantage of information. Aptean provides service and support solutions that facilitate collaboration, enabling exceptional support across the organization.

IService & Support

In today’s competitive economy, even the best products at the best prices aren’t enough: poor customer service and support can put you out of business. Companies that want to complete on a global scale must be able to provide excellent, consistent customer service and support. To accomplish this, they need technology to support their efforts.

Aptean offers service and support solutions that help you provide streamlined, integrated support by arming your staff with the knowledge they need to keep your customers satisfied and loyal: 

How Aptean helps you in Knowledge Management

Customer service and support organizations are awash in knowledge. What they don’t generally have is a great way to manage that knowledge to create great experiences for customers who call, write, or visit the website. Often, each knowledge source is managed in a separate repository, and users struggle to find it. Worse still, knowledge in disparate repositories often goes stale or languishes in review queues. Knowledge is power—but only if users can find the resolution they are looking for. Knowledge management technology provides a unified resolution for service and support knowledge.

Knova KM

Who it’s for

Knova Knowledge Management (KM) is for customer service and support organizations, especially those who need to handle complex queries across channels in industries, such as high tech, telecommunications, financial services and the IT help desk that are charged with resolving customer issues quickly, accurately, and cost effectively with unparalleled scalability.

How it’s different

Unlike basic enterprise search, FAQs and content management solutions, Knova enables users to both author and search for documents internally or externally through powerful and intelligent search that makes finding resolutions — the positive outcomes of solving customer problems based on context and intent — more user friendly. Knova is the only full-featured solution that can be put directly in the hands of knowledge managers to launch a comprehensive, multi-channel knowledge program founded on delivering resolutions.

Why you need it

Service and Support is the front line of your business. A competitive market requires a successful, sustainable knowledge management program that makes your support center more efficient, self-service more powerful, and customers more satisfied. Technology is a means to that end. Knova provides the superior functionality that leads to customer success. Knova’s focus:

  • Resolutions, not answers – It’s more than search. Knova finds resolutions. And gets smarter as you use it.
  • Actionable data you can use – Business users can act on knowledge trends – no advanced programmers or linguists needed.
  • Innovation for customer success – Customer-led development, 6 search patents, KCS Verified v4, advanced analytics.
  • Value and customer satisfaction – Deliver resolutions quickly and accurately, increasing loyalty and decreasing costs.
  • Scales as your business changes – Deployed by some of the largest call centers in the world.

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How Aptean helps you in Service Automation

The internet has empowered the consumer, making great customer service one of the last big differentiators. Efficient, effective customer service can turn this traditional cost center into a profit center, but staffing constraints, limited IT resources and financial pressures can make it a challenge to deliver even satisfactory service and support. Service automation software can help you overcome those constraints.

​Pivotal CRM Service Automation

Who it’s for

Pivotal CRM is a complete service automation system that helps you capture, manage, and quickly resolve customer service and support requests, without losing sight of up-selling and cross-selling opportunities.

How it’s different

Flexible Pivotal CRM technology enables you to rapidly and cost-effectively implement a system that automates even complex, unique service processes. Give your service team the ability to resolve customer inquiries in a personalized, but repeatable manner that accelerates incident resolution and improves customer satisfaction.

Why you need it

If you are ready to take your organization to the next level, Pivotal CRM is positioned to get you there by aligning your business processes with the technology needed to optimize your operations so you can set your sights on bigger things. Build, grow and drive your business forward with CRM that maps to your customers’ needs.

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Your support organization needs to support a wide and global range of customers, resolving cases quickly and cost effectively. Some of your customers want to fix issues themselves, others want to be shown how, and some would prefer issues be fixed for them. If you want your call center or help desk to operate multiple support channels consistently, proactively, and with personalized and diagnostic knowledge about your end user’s product configuration and environment, SupportSoft may be right for you. 

SupportSoft eService

Who it’s for

The SupportSoft toolset benefits large IT helpdesks, telecommunications providers and high tech external support organizations that need proactive or real time automated resolution of complex technical issues directly on an end user’s PC to automate the resolution of expensive assisted call drivers.

How it’s different

Individually, there are many point solutions on the market that can be cobbled together to create your multi-channel support infrastructure. And while there are several eService vendors, none has the diagnostic, proactive toolset designed to either eliminate issues completely or drastically decrease the time to resolution via smart technology deployed directly to the customer’s PC like SupportSoft eService.

Why you need it

Customers are finely attuned to moments when they’re treated differently depending on who (and how) they ask. Transactions that are impossible over the web suddenly get completed after a strongly-worded e-mail. The contact center says “no,” but the analyst on the phone says “yes.” The web site says your transaction went through, but the chat agent can’t find it. In all these cases, customers feel like they’re not dealing with one company, but several. They become frustrated, try to figure out how to work the angles, and ultimately lose confidence in anything they hear. Inconsistent service and support is a fast way to erode loyalty.

  • Shift It Left for Big ROI – Our customers have seen a 15 to 50 percent call deflection, saving you time and money.
  • KCSsm Verified – SupportSoft is aligned with the Consortium for Service Innovation’s KCS best practice methodologies.
  • ITIL Compliance – SupportSoft follows ITIL best practices to help provide quality IT services, process and functionality.
  • Fix It For Me – Automated solutions out of the box that will improve the time to resolution on common call drivers.

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How Aptean helps you in Complaint Management

Difficult market conditions make feedback and complaints important in reducing the gap between an organization’s strategy and the actual customer experience. Unlike traditional CRM software, Aptean offers Respond, technology that uses feedback as a business barometer by exposing early warning signs of inherent problems and providing the insight to drive essential product, service and process improvements throughout the enterprise.


Who it’s for

For companies that want to enhance their customer relationships by providing timely responses to customer feedback, Respond is an enterprise case or complaint management software solution which is easily tailored to your unique processes delivered on-premise or in the cloud.

How it’s different

Respond is a comprehensive platform for improving front line customer interactions, speeding case resolution and generating deep, introspective feedback on how you can do better as a company. Unlike traditional CRM solutions, Respond offers a deep feature set to collect and assess feedback for your enterprise.

Why you need it

With a workflow that consistently captures customer feedback you can go from anecdotal to analytical and get to the root cause of customer satisfaction issues. Respond can be implemented quickly to begin generating tangible improvements in customer satisfaction and profitability, including:

  • Close the loop on customer feedback: Automate your end-to-end complaint and feedback management program to efficiently capture, process and resolve, as well as report on and analyze every piece of customer feedback, whether negative or positive, from all channels.
  • Go from anecdotal to analytical: Consistently aggregate, analyze and act on customer feedback, moving toward a more proactive customer experience management program.
  • Get to root causes: Understand why a customer had a positive or negative experience, so they can identify and correct the root cause before the same problem affects another customer.
  • Spot trends early: Analyze customer experiences to identify and act on hidden trends to improve customer experiences.
  • Deliver regulatory compliance: Meet regulatory requirements for complaint and feedback management. 

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How Aptean helps you in Business Intelligence

Regardless of industry, most companies track and record thousands of transactions daily. Business Intelligence is a way to collect this data in one place and make sense of it with a simple report (or set of reports). Companies who can successfully extract pertinent data from their mountain of information are gaining unique perspectives of their business, enabling them to become leaner and more competitive. Aptean provides business intelligence solutions that help companies tame their data and use it to competitive advantage.

Aptean Analytics

Who it’s for

Aptean Analytics delivers the perfect combination of specialization, simplicity and actionable data for companies that want true visibility into their operations. Powered by industry-leader QlikView and delivered in a user-friendly format, Aptean Analytics will help you drive decisions with the right amount of data provided in the right way.

How it’s different

Aptean Analytics is powered by the industry-leading QlikView platform. With more than 30,000 customers across the globe, QlikView drives real decisions by providing actionable insight through a Business Discovery capability. Business Discovery enables users to dig further into data associations from any number of data sources. By combining this unique capability with a fully mobile-enabled and widget-based platform, QlikView puts the power of the platform in the hands of any user, anywhere.

Why you need it

Data is only good if you can use it. This sounds simple, but businesses understand the underlying truth in this message. The challenge is taking a seemingly infinite amount of data and making it usable in a short period of time. Powered by analytics leader QlikView, Aptean Analytics delivers ready-to-use graphical dashboards designed for your business that allow you to easily spot and resolve any business issues, from profitability to the sales pipeline. And perhaps most importantly, those dashboards are geared toward any organization and any user, not just data analysts. They take away the complexity typically associated with traditional Business Intelligence (BI) solutions. Aptean Analytics serves up data in straightforward charts, tables, dashboards, and other advanced visuals.

Coupling industry-leading analytics and business intelligence with time-tested enterprise solutions provides a powerful, specialized toolset that enables you to manage your business efficiently and gain insight into challenges and opportunities that may exist.

How Aptean helps you in Data Integration and Monitoring

The ability to understand today and predict the future is an advantage. You need technology to help you sense and respond to business events faster, while proactively shaping your business future. Many enterprise systems generate alerts to help you identify trends and react to processes that are outside the normal range. For maximum business impact, however, you need a comprehensive view—a perspective on events that are, or will soon be, affecting your organization.

Event Management Framework

Who it’s for

For organizations that require an enterprise-wide view into business issues that can escalate into material problems, Aptean’s Event Management Framework (EMF) monitors systems across the organization to provide a ‘big picture’ view of the events that affect your business and alerts you to anomalies for swift resolution.

How it’s different

Many enterprise systems generate alerts to help you identify trends and react to processes that are outside the normal range. For maximum business impact, however, you need a comprehensive view – a perspective on events that are, or will soon be, affecting your organization. Event Management Framework is designed to provide actionable insight into events across your business. Easily linked with your existing systems and configured to generate alerts in the format you choose, Event Management Framework is a one-stop shop for your alerting requirements.

Why you need it

An organization with state-of-the-art risk management across the enterprise is always a step ahead of the competition. EMF oversees and provides peace of mind so that companies can focus on growth and providing outstanding customer service. EMF combs through vast data from various sources and flags issued based on pre-set parameters. The EMF early-warning system provides notifications through a variety of communications channels, allowing you to run a more agile organization and quickly react and resolve events that could threaten business. It enables you to predict and react to events in any enterprise system, delivering targeted information to the appropriate organizational departments via automated notifications. 

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