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A Letter to Our Customers and Partners

Aptean’s Commitment during the COVID-19 Pandemic In times of such global uncertainty, we want you to know that Aptean and each of our companies are committed…

Our Products
How Aptean’s Event Management Framework Powers Intelligence from irms|360

With Aptean’s Event Management Framework (EMF), you can get real-time data from your warehouse management system without ever logging in. This infographic…

Thought Leadership
Why SaaS is Better for Your Data Security Strategy

According to CloudVision 2020: The Future of the Cloud, 66% of IT professionals cite security as their top concern when adopting an enterprise cloud computing…

Thought Leadership
50% of Enterprise Software Users Claim Their Software Cannot Manage Their Processes

“Nobody ever got fired for buying IBM.” So goes the popular 1970’s phrase that gave rise to the gold standard of office computers. IBM machines were simply…

Thought Leadership
How Oil and Gas Companies Can Use Data to Become Best in Class

Selecting the right system is only the first step in becoming best in class. We shared a number of tips to help oil and gas companies navigate their way…



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