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Thought Leadership
How Oil and Gas Companies Can Use Data to Become Best in Class

Selecting the right system is only the first step in becoming best in class. We shared a number of tips to help oil and gas companies navigate their way…

Thought Leadership
How to Avoid Disaster by Choosing the Right Warehouse Management System

The difference between choosing the right warehouse management system (WMS) and choosing the wrong one is immense. While the right solution will accelerate…

Thought Leadership
An Overview of the State of Enterprise Software Workarounds 2018

Workarounds are one of the biggest and most misunderstood issues facing organizations today. The vast majority of businesses running enterprise software…

Aptean’s Kim Eaton on the Best Piece of Career Advice She Ever Received: Know Your Strengths

Kim Eaton, Executive Chairman of Aptean’s Board of Directors, recently shared some of her story and lessons learned with Catherine Tabor, founder and CEO…



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