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Effectively Manage Customer Complaints: 8 Challenges To Overcome

As technology evolves, so do customers’ expectations. Consumers want their voices heard along the customer journey, which presents businesses with a new…

Customer Success
LV= Leverages Aptean Respond to Excel in Compliance and Customer Care

Businesses are currently being asked to manage a lot, all at once, and with real-time data. LV= is a mutual protection, savings and retirement provider,…

Thought Leadership
6 Best Practices for Complaint Management – and How a CMS Can Help

Good customer service is essential to retain customers and grow your business, and if you’re mismanaging their feedback and complaints, you risk losing…

Thought Leadership
The Best Way to Manage Complaints? Place Your Customer at the Heart of Your Business

Your customers expect the very best from you, and honestly, why shouldn’t they? It’s valuable for both you and your customer to provide the best service…

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Aptean Respond: Provide a Better Customer Experience

Complaints are a valuable part of your business, as are the customers who make them. If a customer is complaining, it means they care; too often customers…



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