The Most Important Questions to Ask When Selecting a Chemical Manufacturing ERP

Chemical manufacturers require software that can handle precise measurements, manage multiple units of measure such as potency and multiple packaging…

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ERP System Examples

Let’s start with the question, what is an ERP system application? According to Wikipedia, “Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems integrate internal…

The Internship Experience at Aptean

The value of an internship is immeasurable. The experiences and connections you make throughout your placement can help pave the way for your career and…

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Customer Relationship Management System Defined

The CRM system definition is a set of software applications that help an organization determine the needs and preferences of their customers by managing,…

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When Outsourcing Utility Bill Printing Makes Sense for Your Municipality

Printing utility bills can be a timely and costly job for most municipalities, but since utilities are a main source of revenue, it’s also one of the most…

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Hidden Cost of Warehouse

Let’s face it, warehousing of product in essence should be relatively simple. The product is received, putaway, picked, and then shipped with an occasional…



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