Direct-to-Consumer Thrives While People Work from Home

The coronavirus pandemic has instituted a new way of living— at least for now. We’re no longer making frequent trips to the grocery store, window shopping…

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Thought Leadership
10 Ways to Effectively Track & Control Inventory Across Your Organization

Having clear visibility into your company’s inventory at any given moment is essential to its overall success. Some of the industry’s biggest losses stem…

Thought Leadership
6 Ways the SaaS Model Enables a Stronger Business

Enterprise software is moving away from on-premise options in favor of more modern opportunities. According to Gartner, 80% of businesses will shut down…

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Improve Your Retailer Relationships with a Consumer Goods ERP

Maintaining good retail customer relationships are at the root of your business success. In order to build and maintain those solid relationships, you…

Jenny Peng’s Intelligence, Passion and Optimism Drives her Success as Aptean’s CTO

It was a true and genuine pleasure to be in conversation with Aptean’s CTO, Jenny Peng. She’s passionate and excited, and her enthusiasm is contagious.…

Thought Leadership
6 Best Practices for Complaint Management – and How a CMS Can Help

Good customer service is essential to retain customers and grow your business, and if you’re mismanaging their feedback and complaints, you risk losing…



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