The Most Important Questions to Ask When Selecting a Chemical Manufacturing ERP

Chemical manufacturers require software that can handle precise measurements, manage multiple units of measure such as potency and multiple packaging…

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Finding the Right Balance With Agile

While the now-mainstream agile model of software development is a great way for product teams to build software, those adopting agile development are prone…

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Better Planning and Scheduling for Manufacturers

I wear many hats – husband, dad, and believe it or not, chef. My family hosts a lot of guests on the weekend, so you can only imagine how hectic breakfast…

Aptean’s Kim Eaton on the Best Piece of Career Advice She Ever Received: Know Your Strengths

Kim Eaton, Executive Chairman of Aptean’s Board of Directors, recently shared some of her story and lessons learned with Catherine Tabor, founder and CEO…

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Big Data and You: Understanding the Basics of Industry 4.0

It’s not an exaggeration to say that the introduction of technology like automation, cloud computing, and augmented reality in factory management will…

Thought Leadership
What Now? Deciding When to Adapt, Configure or Customize an ERP

Implementing an ERP calls for careful governance and change management. The ERP you select won’t be a perfect match to your business requirements; 90-95…



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