Aptean Respond: Provide a Better Customer Experience

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Aptean Respond, Complaints Management

Complaints are a valuable part of your business, as are the customers who make them. If a customer is complaining, it means they care; too often customers feel dissatisfied, say nothing, and simply won’t shop with you anymore. So when a customer does take the time to complain, listen to them, and then respond appropriately and within a timely fashion.

We know this can be difficult, especially with so many channels to monitor. Your team also has a lot to do, so sometimes staying on top of these complaints and effectively managing them can be a real challenge. Aptean Respond can help you manage the complaints process from inception to completion so your team can focus more on delivering value to the customer. Watch our overview video here.

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According to PwC, 73% of customers say experience is an important factor in their purchasing decisions, more so even than price and product quality. Yet many companies still struggle to understand and act on customer feedback, missing out on opportunities to enhance engagement and drive business improvements.

Aptean Respond is a world-class complaint management platform that simplifies all facets of customer complaint management, streamlines communication, and helps identify root causes—all from a single platform.

From frontline staff and managers to team leaders and executives, Aptean Respond’s configurable workflows and intuitive dashboards empower everyone to improve customer interactions.

Create engaging and targeted customer surveys and then track and analyze survey feedback in context.

Monitor staff performance and ensure resources are deployed most effectively, leverage at-a-glance visibility to see the information that matters most—from a high-level overview down to an individual’s skills and competencies, easily compare customer sentiment against a QA framework, and navigate complex customer complaints from capture to resolution, with full visibility into workloads and tasks.

Respond’s automated workflows help case handlers to truly focus on the customer, rather than managing tasks, while the industry-tailored templates ensure compliance and consistency.

The solution’s robust reporting capabilities also allow you to easily slice and dice data any way you want, ensuring teams have access to the real-time information they need.

Customers are the heart of every business.

Purpose-built for managing the nuances of complex complaints, Aptean Respond can help you streamline processes to enhance visibility, improve outcomes, and deliver the elevated experience your customers deserve.