CUR Versus SAFER: Are They Complementary or In Conflict?

March 15, 2017

Posted by Jennifer Stancil

Aptean Medworxx


Both of the NHS England initiatives (Clinical Utilisation Review and SAFER) cite evidence that patients deteriorate physically and cognitively in direct proportion to their length of stay. For elderly patients, this has a significant impact on life expectancy. Their common goal is to minimize inappropriate delays to ensure Safe, Rapid Discharge, or Transition of Patients and to avoid unnecessary hospital stays at an inappropriate level of care.  

In this whitepaper, Peter Ellis, Managing Director of Medworxx UK, discusses how both Clinical Utilisation Review (CUR) and SAFER (RED2GREEN days) intend to provide transparency and rigor to managing the patient's journey to ensure, at a minimum, daily assessment of key activities and status. These initiatives are interdependent, and, if appropriately integrated and harnessed, provide a comprehensive picture of the appropriateness of days of care across the organization.