Factory MES: The Robust Solution to Digitalize Your Plant

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Aptean Factory MES

Technology has pushed plant operations to the next level. No longer do businesses keep up with continuous improvement using outdated pen and paper methods, but they can use a manufacturing execution system (MES) to provide real-time metrics and improve factory performance. Factory MES is a robust solution that helps companies run their factories more efficiently. Watch our video below to learn more.

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Does your factory still use pencils and paper for production, quality and continuous improvement measurements? Aptean Factory MES uses real-time shop floor data to provide actionable intelligence and visibility into production and quality.

This robust MES solution replaces pencil-to-paper methods and provides instant insight into performance metrics, allowing you to quickly make changes to production. From assessing run progress… to reporting stoppages… to measuring the cost of labor and tracking actual changeover times—you get the relevant data you need to improve performance.

Eliminate manual checks and manage by exception with our quality dashboard that shows every quality check performed on every line in your facility, complete with time stamp and results. If a quality check is due, the system’s true paperless compliance automatically guides you through the workflow.

You can also manage sanitation… and see any numerical check—such as humidity, pressure, or temperature—as well as accurately estimate giveaway. Enhance the way your teams communicate by allowing them to share information in one location. With our collaboration dashboard, users in any role, on any device, can seamlessly create a message, task, or note… and share knowledge immediately with other teams.

Analyze production and quality data from any perspective with the ability to run real-time reports, on-demand. Gain visibility across every line in the facility and see at-a-glance which lines are running well, running too slowly, or stopped. With self-serve analytics, you can utilize the prebuilt reports or configure your own reports to measure factors like downtime by production line, by asset, and more. Factory MES includes an easy-to-use business intelligence viewer that allows you to create reports and dashboards that are available anywhere, on any device.

Aptean Factory MES is the solution that enables you to run your plant simpler, smarter, and more strategically. You can improve factory performance with real-time metrics and out-of-the-box capabilities. And achieve quality and productivity gains in a paperless environment.