Honey-Can-Do Shares How It Leverages Apprise ERP

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Steven Greenspon, CEO of Honey-Can-Do International, shares his experiences with Apprise ERP. An Apprise customer since Honey-Can-Do’s inception, Greenspon describes how an enterprise resource planning solution has been an asset for them throughout the years. He explains how Apprise continues to help their company through built-in electronic data interchange (EDI) functionality, industry knowledge and expertise, and problem-solving solutions and best practices. Watch the video for their full story.

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Honey-Can-Do International was founded in 2007. We’re a provider of home storage organization, laundry care, and a wide range of housewares products.

We’ve been an Apprise customer since day one, back in 2007. The team are folks that we felt understand our industry, what our company was aspiring to be, and we could talk to them about different challenges we have and opportunities to grow.

Like many companies our size and within the consumer products space, we face a number of different challenges. This could range anywhere from the tariffs of importing products from foreign countries, to a consolidation of our retail customers.  Apprise is a great tool that we can easily use to pull out what our landing costs would be, calculate the tariffs in there, and review the difference if we were to move the items from initial costs to a different country, under different tariffs rates. It gives us all the tools that we need to analyze that.

What we like about Apprise is that it has allowed us to do batch picking. The EDI functions have allowed us to handle a number of transactions and different documents that go along with direct to consumer shipping through ecommerce retailers.

For warehouse set up, in terms of the pick packs, Apprise has been a fantastic tool. Just being able to handle large volumes has been phenomenal. Every day, in a real time world, we have been able to send the information out to customers and accept the information as well. We are handling thousands of orders on a daily basis, and without Apprise’s EDI function, we’d be completely lost. Likely our retailers wouldn’t consider us qualified to do business with them.

Apprise’s EDI solution is second to none. We’re always finding ways to actually grow into Apprise and to learn more about the functions available for us. We’ve just found, with the Apprise solution, we’ve always felt secure and that our data would be safe. If something ever should happen, we would be able to recover fairly easily.

So, working with Apprise has allowed us to learn a lot of best practices. Apprise takes processes from their many different customers, across the country and a number of different industries, all working within distribution, many within consumer packaged goods, and they are able to make an ERP system to handle a lot of different challenges that may arise.  When we have come to them and said, “Hey, we have this problem. How can we solve this through Apprise?” Apprise comes back to us and may give specific examples about another company or user they have, and how they’ve dealt with it. That has been incredibly helpful.

Throughout the years, with all the new releases Apprise puts out, they’re always coming out with new solutions to help with problems. Some of these problems we didn’t know we had until Apprise came out with a new solution.

Our investment in Apprise has certainly paid off dividends for Honey-Can-Do. We’ve always felt like we have received a great value for what we are doing, and we have always been pleased with the partnership. We have always been happy with the investment we made, and we have always felt Apprise was being supportive of our needs.