Jennmar Gains Quicker Business Growth & Ample Flexibility From Ross ERP

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Aptean Ross ERP, Customer Experience

IT Manager Mark Johnson relays Jennmar’s long-running history with Ross ERP and explains how, through mergers, acquisitions and divestitures, it has supported their business growth. A Ross customer since 1999, Jennmar chooses to leverage this robust solution because of the value it brings to their business. Johnson explains how the Ross platform allows for flexibility in handling requests on their own and the value they gain within the new upgrades and features.

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We’ve been on Ross since 1999. The continuity of the core people, who have been with the system from the beginning, are still with it. That consistency, I think we really benefit a lot from because the value you get all the way through has been tremendous.

The Ross system, for us, has been very valuable because we have grown a lot as a company since 1999.  We really started out with maybe five production plants, and believe it or not, we are now up to about 37 individual business units. My personal favorite thing about Ross is that it has allowed us to grow our company quickly.

Some of the unique challenges we have is our industry in the coal area is somewhat aging, and we’ve had some divestitures that we’ve been able to do. However, with Ross, we’ve been able to be very agile and make those companies divest on Ross and on our IT platforms very easily. And then as we invest in new companies and do more mergers and acquisitions, we’re able to get things up and running pretty quick.

We are leveraging Ross to handle all of our manufacturing and all of our corporate accounting for those manufacturing units. We’re also using it to drive some of our production recording, in regards to labeling, inventory, etc. A lot of times when we are going into new businesses that have had a prior ERP system, we’re able to see that Ross brings the control you need to help safely pass audits and things like that. Those controls and processes didn’t lend itself well to the prior ERP system. So, with Ross, I think we are able to get that value.

I would say the investment with Ross has proven its value. There have been many times when we get calls from other ERP companies that say, “Oh we can do this for you, we can do that for you,” but our ability to be agile and continue to make new implementations easily for our users has been very high value. Also, we are able to handle some of the requests for new things in the system ourselves and with our own IT department, you don’t get that with every ERP company.

They are always increasing and putting a lot of effort into the base platform and the service packs. I am already seeing new things they have in their features set up that I believe we will be able to take advantage of in the new upgrade. So, things like being able to do mass close of purchase orders and the ability to leverage some of the really nice visualizations available in the Ross browser are going to be beneficial for us.

As being a new customer and exploring Ross as your ERP system, I would say your best thing is to early on try to align your business processes to what Ross does. Really feel out the software, get good demos, and get the proof of concept going right away.