MYJAR Eliminates Complaint Tracking Workarounds with Aptean Respond

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Managing complex information by spreadsheet is one of the business world’s ultimate workarounds. MYJAR took care of this problem by choosing Aptean Respond to track and manage complaints – and improve the performance and reputation of the global financial organization.

London-based MYJAR is an international financial services company that offers loans online. Since launching in 2008, the company has issued 2 million loans totaling more than £500 million ($663.6 million in U.S. dollars). MYJAR’s process is transparent and its vision simple: to responsibly provide customers with a path to access larger loan amounts over a longer period at lower rates.

Before moving to Aptean Respond, MYJAR used several Excel spreadsheets to track and manage complaints. That process, although arduous, was bearable early in the company’s history. However, as the business grew, so did its exposure to complaints. Storing data in numerous locations proved to be inefficient. Case handlers lost time searching for critical pieces of information and managers struggled to pull management information (MI). There was no easy way of overseeing the team’s performance; recording information on many different platforms meant that human error and inconsistency were difficult to identify. MYJAR needed a system that would match the quality of service the company provides, and began looking for solutions that would not only increase efficiency, but also target training and prevent repeated mistakes.

Fast-forward to the present day, when MYJAR connected with Aptean Respond. After a demo, executives were impressed with Respond’s drillable dashboards, reporting capabilities, and transparency, but they were concerned about configurability. Would Respond be able to cope with the company’s unique business processes and vast amounts of data? Again, the software spoke for itself. Aptean Respond’s configurability stood out among the competition. Users can build upon the Respond foundation to add new fields, case types, tasks, searches, reports, and more.

Aptean’s commitment to providing efficient and speedy service ensured that implementation went smoothly. Complaint handlers quickly got to grips with Respond and were logging and tracking new inbound complaints within a week of going live. Ten days later, Respond was fully configured to MYJAR’s wants and needs.

New response templates within the system replaced the library of templates previously stored in Word, and MYJAR added several new fields so the company can pull more MI. A task that previously took several hours to complete is now achieved in a matter of minutes. In addition, MYJAR can now assess the work of each complaints worker and easily identify and address areas that need to be improved, which also assists in training new employees.

MYJAR Compliance Officer Adam Trout sums up the benefits of implementing Respond: “Prior to deploying Respond, we had lots of different processes and systems that didn’t really talk to each other. Now, we no longer have such workarounds.”

Ultimately, an understanding of its team’s performance facilitated by Aptean Respond has boosted the quality of work produced by MYJAR and secured the company’s brand reputation. MYJAR currently enjoys a score of 9.1/10 from Trustpilot, a global review platform for businesses.

Interested in the MYJAR case study video? Follow the link here. Or download a print version of the case study.