Aptean Director of Global Facilities and Procurement, Rabiah Reyome, Embraces Change and Welcomes Growth

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Employee Experience


Aptean is growing quickly. In the past year alone, we’ve acquired five new companies. It’s an exciting time to be here, but for none more than Director of Global Facilities and Procurement, Rabiah Reyome.

In a recent interview with Blueprint, Rabiah highlights how, with these new acquisitions, she and her team focus on strengthening company culture and enhancing synergies around regional and global operations. They’ve made it their goal to build the best working environments for all Aptean employees—no matter where they happen to work. From the open office experience in Atlanta to noontime tea in England, Rabiah and her team are working to create company environments that embrace diversity and encourage collaboration and growth.

For a closer look at how Rabiah and her team work, read her full feature Putting the ‘Real’ in Real-Estate Management, at Blueprint.