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Taking the First Step on Your Digital Transformation Journey

Taking the First Step on Your Digital Transformation Journey


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Taking the First Step on Your Digital Transformation Journey

27 Jan 2021

Aptean Staff Writer
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Every great journey begins with a single step.

And every grand milestone is a culmination of single steps. It’s all about incremental progress. Taking bold steps in the right direction to meet the goal you set.

While every journey is unique, there are some valuable steps you can take as you plan your path to digital transformation.

It’s essential to keep in mind that digital transformation is different from digitization and digitalization—even though they all sound relatively similar.

Digitization is the move from analog to digital. Not so long ago, businesses kept records on paper—either in the form of ledgers or typed into documents. The processes themselves were entirely manual.

Then computers went mainstream, and most businesses started converting all of those ink-on-paper records to digital computer files. This action—the process of converting information from analog to digital—is what we mean when we say digitization.

Now, digitalization means using digital data to simplify how you work.

It enables you to keep on keeping but in a faster and better way. Your data is instantly accessible and not trapped in a file cabinet somewhere in a dusty archive or stored among thousands of other documents in a long-forgotten folder.

The purpose of a digital transformation journey aims to add value to your business—both now and in the future. That’s the entire goal of the journey. Digital transformation changes the way business gets done and, in some cases, creates entirely new ways of operating.

If you have multi-siloed systems that make it difficult to be fast, decisive and confident, it may be time to move on. You want to make decisions based on up-to-date and accurate information.

With digital transformation, you can take a step back and revisit everything you do, from internal systems to customer interactions online and in person.

And in doing this thorough evaluation, you’re able to ask yourself the big questions: “Can we change our processes in a way that will enable better decision-making and game-changing efficiencies?” And “Can we create a better customer experience with more personalization?”

Now that we’re firmly entrenched in the digital age, and businesses of all sorts are creating innovative, effective, and disruptive ways of leveraging technology. And you may already have all the right technology—you could have BI solutions, payment software, a CRM or TMS. Or you may have customized your solutions to handle your needs as your business continues to grow. You could have a combination of the two—you could have it all.

But is it all connected? Is the communication seamless? Does the cost of all those disparate solutions make it worthwhile?

When all is said and done, digital transformation boils down to two things:

  1. Future-proofing your business

    So you’re able to meet the challenges of today and whatever may arise tomorrow. Your technology will be prepped and prepared either way.

  2. Unifying your business

    All your machines, all your data, all your processes and teammates are using a single best-in-class solution. You can communicate and collaborate in real-time using the same set of information.

So, where to start? We’ve laid out the first three steps for you on your path to digital transformation:

  1. Determine your starting point

    Conduct a cross-functional assessment of your current systems, their effectiveness and the resources you need to maintain them.

  2. Choose your destination

    Clarify critical priorities that align with your strategic plan and understand how technology can support your modernization strategy.

  3. Navigate your path

     Develop a plan that drives you into the future while delivering value along the way.

As you embark upon this journey, it’s invaluable that you find the right partner.

Aptean can help. We’re a partner that promotes your business growth. We’re a partner that knows your industry inside and out. We’re a partner that stops at nothing to solve your problems. And a partner that helps you lay the bricks on your path to success.

And we want to be with you every step of the way.

Ready to take the first step in your digital transformation journey? Discover how, now. Or, for more information check out our Ultimate Digital Transformation Guide.

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