Accurately Forecast for Today
and the Future

Forecasting & Inventory Management

Forecasting and inventory management both boil down to one thing: having precisely the right amount of inventory to meet demand. You want to be able to accurately forecast and plan for orders and demand, both for today and the future—whether these orders are one-offs or continued fulfillment. It’s a simple concept that can be challenging in practice.

You don't want to be too lean in your inventory and risk not being able to fulfill orders. You also don't want to have an overstuffed warehouse where there's too much inventory and not enough shelf space.

It's all about balance.

An ERP makes all of the calculating, tracking and counting necessary for strong inventory management and forecasting easier. Without an ERP, the process of tracking inventory is manual, intensive and highly susceptible to human error. An ERP solution helps you count and track the inventory that you do and don’t have in stock. It enables you to pull data quickly and use historical records and information within the system to find the various trends and patterns in your inventory. This allows retailers and distributors to better plan and prepare inventory to meet demand.

Products with this Capability

Aptean's industry-specific solutions improve forecasting and inventory management for your business.

ERP for Retailers

Ensure your business processes are aligned with industry best practices and optimized to meet customer demand.

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ERP for Importers & Distributors

Provide your business with the tools you need to connect your teams, while making your supply chain more efficient and your business more profitable.

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