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Import Management

Accurately tracking orders and shipments from overseas suppliers is tedious and complicated without the right technology in place. Accurate tracking, without the right software, requires businesses to make good guesses as to when shipments will arrive at their warehouse. There is a way to make the import management process easier and more accurate.

ERP software made specifically to combat the challenges often associated with import management ensures your customers get the right products, at fair prices and in correct quantities, all at the right time.

You have more control over the shipment process with flexible shipment and container building by weight, volume or value. This makes it easier to consolidate, track, and manage multiple purchase orders and shipments for fewer container loads and vessels — saving you time and money.

Consumer goods companies gain even more efficiencies through automated container updates and receiving-by-container functionality.

Aptean ERP for Importers & Distributors monitors, manages and tracks shipments on land and at sea so you're aware of inventory statuses long before they reach your warehouse. Aptean's solution contains vessel, shipment and container tracking tools to help consumer goods companies gain the visibility they need into import tracking for better, more accurate management.

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Aptean's industry-specific solutions improve import management for your business.

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