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Proof of Delivery

Proof of delivery has come a long way and the evolution of technology is transforming the methods used by businesses to collect and record operational and delivery data for reporting, analysis and continuous improvements.

Electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) has rapidly advanced from simply capturing a customer signature to a more sophisticated tool that replaces the need for manual processes and the completion of paperwork. These systems now give businesses the ability to automate and better manage the complexities of modern distribution operations, streamline internal processes and improve overall ePOD efficiencies.

The capabilities of advanced proof of delivery software provide you with the tools you need to capture many different types of data and can be tailored to meet a range of unique, complex operational requirements. The configurability of this technology enables you to establish dependable operational processes and helps to improve customer service, minimize daily operating costs and optimize workforce productivity.

Aptean's proof of delivery software is built to seamlessly integrate with new or existing ERP, TMS and WMS systems to help support every aspect of your logistics and transportation operations. Our electronic proof of delivery systems can help you see the available benefits from day one with a host of advanced features and a straightforward implementation process. It enables you to differentiate your delivery service offering, control costs and improve the customer experience without sacrificing operational efficiencies.

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Electronic Proof of Delivery

Streamline delivery processes and improve customer service with electronic proof of delivery software.

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