Adjust to Changing Compliance

Retailer Compliance

Retailer compliance is an essential part of running a successful business for consumer goods importers, wholesale distributors and 3PLs.

You must continuously deliver the right product mix at the right time to build and maintain stable relationships with your business partners, vendors and retailers. Open communication is a must, as with any good partnership, because both parties depend on each other for continued revenue, business and to satisfy the demands of their respective customer bases.

Aptean's industry-built solutions identify and improve your entire supply chain (which products are selling and which ones are struggling), resulting in happier retail customers and greater profits. Streamlining your supply chain can result in fewer chargebacks, more accurate forecasting, increased profitability and margins and higher quality products.

A large part of retailer compliance involves meeting new on-time, in-full (OTIF) requirements. The OTIF rate calculates the overall percentage of supplier shipments that are complete and on time. This key performance indicator is an easy way for retailers to monitor the ongoing performance of each supplier at a glance.

You know this better than anyone that there are more compliance and data requirements than ever before. Still, somehow, distributors struggle to keep up, continuing to use labor-intensive systems. These clunky, inefficient systems expose users to risk and prevent them from maintaining their customer base, retailer relationships and effectively grow their business.

Aptean ERP for Importers & Distributors, instead, enables users to actively and easily adjust to the regularly changing compliance and data requirements. Best of all, the retailer compliance functionality that's integrated into the ERP enables you to track and manage both chargebacks and EDI fees automate customer accruals, so you can reclaim profits and see the true, bottom-line profitability of each customer, product and supplier.

Products with this Capability

Aptean's industry-specific solutions meet current and emerging retailer compliance requirements to satisfy customer demands.

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