Better Fleet Management with Route
Planning Optimization

Route Planning Optimization

Configuring routes and schedules that optimize both driver and vehicle availability while ensuring you meet the high expectations and demands set by consumers can be challenging.

This is especially true if you're using older, more traditional and manual methods of planning that don't take into account factors such as weather, traffic, roadwork, hours of service directives and many others. It's both incredibly time-consuming and not always the most accurate, or cost-effective, approach. These manual methods can result in mistakes, inefficiencies, delays in deliveries and many other issues that you, as an operation, need to resolve.

Implementing the right tools and route planning optimization software can help alleviate the pressures of manual planning by taking away the guesswork and assisting the completion of successful deliveries using less resources, saving you money in the process.

Understanding the unique benefits of route optimization software can not only help improve your operations but ultimately make you more effective in your processes, increase your delivery capacity, deliver a better customer experience and boost your overall revenue.

Aptean's route planning optimization software is tailored to your specific operational requirements and is designed to help support your needs and unique business challenges. Our systems are built with intelligent algorithms to help drive more advanced route optimization processes and create smarter, more cost-effective routes with a click of a button. Aptean technology ensures you have a transportation plan that optimizes fleet and driver utilization while meeting customer delivery expectations and your business KPIs.

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