Transportation Management for
Complex Supply Chains

Transportation Management

When working within a complex supply chain environment, it's essential that you're prepared and equipped to effectively manage your transportation operation. If you're ill-equipped or have disregarded an aspect of your supply chain, that not only affects your bottom line, but you risk losing customers because of poor service and delivery standards.

That's why investing in a transportation management system (TMS) is key for any operation wanting to remain competitive.

A transportation management system allows you to account for the varied and changing needs of your distribution operation, enabling you to best utilize your fleet in a seamless and efficient way. Having a TMS system in place means you can effortlessly plan and optimize the best routes based on fleet location, schedule collections and delivery times. This increases efficiencies, ensuring customers are satisfied while avoiding penalties for missed deliveries.

Transportation management software provides far greater visibility and control across your entire supply chain, with the ability to keep track of deliveries and seamlessly integrate with other systems such as ERP, warehouse and proof of delivery software.

Aptean provides comprehensive transportation management solutions catered to meet your specific needs. With Aptean TMS you can achieve better operational efficiencies, enhanced flexibility and visibility of systems, increased profitability and greater levels of customer satisfaction.

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