Improve Outcomes for
You and Your Customers

Complaints and Dispute Management

The Aptean Respond team has over 25 years of experience supporting complaints and dispute management in the financial services industry and understands the challenges businesses like yours face on a daily basis. Informed by a deep understanding of the customer complaint journey, the needs of complaints handlers and teams, and the evolving regulatory landscape, we continuously refine our Respond solution to help you better manage the complaints and dispute process.

Respond gives you the tools you need to deal with complaints efficiently and professionally, increasing the consistency, speed, and quality of resolutions while achieving optimum outcomes for both the customer and your organization. But Respond does more than just streamline your complaints management processes – its in-depth reporting and analysis tools help you see the bigger picture of your customer experience, delivering actionable insights into how you can improve your products and services.

  • Captures complaints from all channels, from email to social media
  • Tracks complaints from capture to resolution
  • Ideal for handling large volumes of complex complaints
  • Automated workflows and escalation paths drive efficiency
  • In-depth root cause analysis identifies underlying issues
  • Comprehensive dashboards for easy access to key metrics
  • Easily-configurable to support your organization's requirements
  • A single source of truth for all team members
  • Real-time quality assurance tools

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