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for Your Processing Operation

Aptean for Meat, Seafood and Poultry

If you're a meat, seafood or poultry processor, you know that your industry faces many unique and complex challenges. Increased food safety regulations, growing consumer concerns about product origins, pressure to accurately forecast demand and the stress of measuring and accounting for variable weight can result in detrimental consequences to your business if not managed properly.

Customers who rely on Aptean's food industry solutions for meat processing and deconstruction are able to streamline their operations, comply with global food safety standards and better scale their businesses. By utilizing industry-specific software to run your operations, you can record accurate costs of individual cuts of product, improve traceability with reverse bill of material (BOM) functionality and get a better understanding of your yield management and pricing processes.

We provide a complete solution for your processing operations, including:

  • Lot Traceability
  • Quality Assurance
  • Bill of Materials (BOM)
  • Serial Tracking
  • Variable Weight
  • Work in Progress (WIP)
  • Yield Management

Your Industry Challenges

Safety and Quality

Consumers, vendors and wholesalers are demanding more transparency when it comes to food safety, product origins and ingredient quality. To comply with increasing standards, it’s critical that you have the tools in place to track product throughout the supply chain and set up mandatory safety audits at all stages of deconstruction and processing.

Multiple End Products

Producing multiple end products from a single raw material requires complex tracing, tracking and recording processes. To stay competitive and ensure pricing and traceability accuracy, industry-specific technology makes it possible to record and make decisions based on each end product, rather than on assumed or averaged outputs.

Yield Management

Without a true understanding of the cost of production in your facility, you risk leaving substantial amounts of money on the table. Utilizing software to get a better understanding of your production costs with real-time inventory, processing and purchasing data makes it possible to critically evaluate your operations continuously and maximize profitability.

Variable Weight

The constant variation in product weight at most meat, poultry and seafood processing plants can lead to implications throughout your organization if product weight and inventory measurements are inaccurate. Software built for the meat industry makes it possible to make decisions based on the actual weights of product in inventory, ensuring you stay competitive.

Industry-Specific Capabilities


Account for raw materials and finished goods through the production process and isolate defective products at the batch level in the event of a recall. More


Set up mandatory quality audits and scoresheets at every step of the production cycle to check for product consistency, integrity and safety. More

Reporting & Analytics

Create robust, customizable reports that measure performance and utilize real-time and historical production, sales and costing data for accurate forecasting. More

Manufacturing & Production

Integrate production scheduling, planning, batch processing and consolidation to boost efficiency across production and distribution channels. More

Warehousing & Inventory

Manage picks, putaways, packing and shipping to keep track of inventory movements and streamline warehouse processes. More

Plant Maintenance

Monitor equipment performance, maintenance schedules, sanitation and changeovers to optimize plan attainment and OEE. More

Industry-Specific Solutions

Distinct industry challenges require specific solutions. Aptean's tailored products can help your protein processing business tackle these challenges, and more, with ease. Explore our solutions to find out how you can comply with food safety standards while driving operational efficiency and achieving measurable results.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Streamline operations, connect departments and create more efficient processes while addressing safety, regulatory and quality demands.

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Manufacturing Execution System

Use real-time, shop-floor data to optimize plan attainment, improve OEE and gain complete visibility into all aspects of production and quality compliance.

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Warehouse Management System

Uncover areas of improvement in your warehouse, track performance metrics and eliminate costs associated with inventory, space and labor.

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