Automate Your Production

Production Monitoring

Aptean Industrial Manufacturing OEE is a production monitoring solution focused on operational improvements and effectiveness.

Robust automatic data collection and effective reporting create the consistent, reliable data you need to make intelligent decisions regarding your manufacturing operations.

  • Creating Awareness
    Real-time production status, subscription-based reports, and mobile access to production data increase awareness across the factory, resulting in improved productivity and more time for value-adding tasks.

  • Informed Decision Making
    With the help of BI-tools for quick and easy analysis, you can conveniently see an overview of the production and drill down into the details.

  • Flexibility and Mobility
    With a robust mobile solution, you will have complete access to the production status regardless of where you are. You'll be able to monitor production problems, quality, and exceptions easily.

  • Focused Operators
    Aptean Industrial Manufacturing OEE puts the operator in focus, allowing them to report details of disturbances and utilize tools for maintenance and quality control, helping to bring operations and maintenance closer together.

Aptean Industrial Manufacturing OEE captures machine data to identify trends of equipment performance. Without this level of detail, it's much more difficult to determine if you're maximizing your efficiency.

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