Optimize Your Shop Floor

Shop Floor Execution

What makes a manufacturer successful? We like to think of it as a trifecta: effective shop floor planning, smart scheduling, and seamless execution. Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP solutions deliver just that.

  • Automation
    Workflow process management capabilities predict and react to events in your ERP. Critical information is delivered in real-time to you and your teams via notifications, texts or emails. You'll never have to wait for a problem to get bigger before you know it's a problem.

  • Monitoring
    Aptean replaces manual workflows with a single, easy-to-use system. Users communicate directly with the shop floor, make labor changes, issue materials, and move inventory, with full transparency and control of job order information.

  • Why-Late Toolset
    Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP solutions deliver a robust scheduling system that aligns production with demand. A system that monitors the schedule with real-time status updates so you can react quickly. A consolidated Why-Late view within the scheduling system helps you instantly understand any obstacles.

  • Paperless Communication
    Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP solutions eliminate the need for job order travelers and material pick lists. By closing the gap in information delivery, you're automating data across critical operations and increasing data accuracy. Not only does this paperless communication simplify data sharing, but it saves valuable time that can be dedicated to more productive tasks.

There's a lot that happens on the shop floor; you need a solution that can keep up.

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