Aptean Pivotal CRM Enhanced with Addition of Restricted Party Screening

July 25, 2017

Aptean Pivotal CRM, CRM

Alpharetta, GA, July 25, 2017 – Aptean Pivotal CRM users involved in global trade management now have a better way to maintain compliance for their organizations. Aptean, a leading global provider of mission critical enterprise software solutions to more than 6,500 customers, has integrated its comprehensive Restricted Party Screening (RPS) solution with its CRM platform.

Aptean’s RPS capabilities provide real-time screening of newly added contacts into the CRM system against Aptean’s Global Trade Management (GTM) database. The GTM database updates data daily from more than 150 government sources.

With this seamless integration, CRM users working in government agencies, financial services, HR, importing and exporting are instantly alerted if a new contact entry is featured on any restricted or denied lists. This allows them to maintain compliance, reduce time spent researching partners, and increase transparency in their organizations.

“As additional compliance measures become mandatory, Aptean enables our customers to reduce their workloads while focusing on adherence to all regulations and best practices,” said Imad Alabed, senior director of Aptean Pivotal CRM. “The integration of Restricted Party Screening into Aptean’s CRM solution benefits a wide variety of organizations needing to know who they partner with, even before an agreement is made.”

To see the solution and learn more, read this datasheet or contact Aptean at info@aptean.com.

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